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World Book Day|This is a book list and your travel list

World Book Day|This is a book list and your travel list


The "Opinions on Promoting Reading for All" issued by the Central Propaganda Department pointed out that Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era should be used as the starting point and goal to meet the new expectations of the people’s spiritual and cultural life, and to create a love of reading in the whole society , Reading good books and a good atmosphere of good reading, guide the people to increase reading interest, develop reading habits, improve reading ability, and continuously enhance ideological and moral quality and scientific and cultural quality, in order to achieve the "two centenary" goals and China The Chinese dream of the great national rejuvenation provides strong spiritual motivation and intellectual support.

Reading is an important way to acquire knowledge and increase wisdom, as well as an important way to inherit civilization and improve the quality of the people. In order to increase the lead of reading content, on April 23, 2021, World Book Day, Global Network Charity Channel specially planned 423 content report. It aims to actively promote youth reading and family parent-child reading, and strengthen the construction of socialist spiritual civilization.

For this event , nine teachers, including White Tea, Gerileqimuge Black Crane, Liang Chuan, Rao Xueman, Xu Han Hans, Xu Xufeng, You Ling, Yang Xiaoyan, and Zhu Deyong , are invited to recommend the best books in their hearts.

(Sorted by first letter of name)

[Click to view: Interview with White Tea | Experience another world that we can't touch through books]

Recommended white tea book list:

1. "Far in the Sky" Oliver Jaffa (Recommended reason: the little boy found a penguin in the city, he put the penguin in the lost and found office, but no one claimed it, and finally he decided to send the penguin back by himself Antarctica, in the process, they developed a deep bond. After arriving at the destination and separated, the two were looking for each other because of reluctance. The overall structure is very simple, but its style of painting, way of telling and conveying The values ​​are very unique, which makes me think that the world is very cute and desirable. Whether it is the color space structure of the painting or the way of telling the story itself, it greatly affects my later personal works.)

2. "Yuetong Duhe" Baby Annie (Recommendation reason: Qingshan's writing style is very appetizing for me, and there will be some reflections on life. I like to read prose, because the prose is very rich in emotional expression, and there is a kind of follow-up The feeling of talking with friends will be very comfortable.)

3. "Three Body" Liu Cixin

4. "Bailuyuan" Chen Zhongshi (Recommendation reason: This book tells the story of our hometown. In a big era, the fate of the characters is very arresting in itself, because the story happened in my hometown. I Compared with my grandfather and our elders, I will feel as if I have clearly seen the group portraits of the characters of that era, and I will prefer this kind of story about the fate of the little people under the background of this big era.)

5. "Father and Daughter" Michael Dudwit

[Click to view: Interview with Black Crane|The wind blowing over the grasslands and ridges is also blowing to you]

Grilqimuge·Black Crane Recommended Book List:

1. "The Wolf of the Wind Mountain" Grilqimg·Black Crane (Recommended reason: a novel of natural animals full of heterogeneous colors, fresh and interesting, listen to the sounds of nature, and feel the magnificence and tenacity of life.)

2. "The Secret of Arsac" Bianchi (Recommendation reason: related to my dream.)

3. "Things on the Earth" Wei An (Recommended reason: My prose creation is greatly influenced by Mr. Wei An, and I should learn to exercise due restraint in writing.)

4. Uzheltu of "The Male Deer with Qicha Horns" (Recommendation reason: Let me learn about the Ewenki people and the forest for the first time.)

5, "human kingdom" iron Peng Carl world literature in 1985, four (Recommended reason: This is my literary enlightenment, for the first time realized that the novel can also be written this way.)

6. "Annel's Ghost" Michael Ondaatje (Recommended reason: I bought a set during the epidemic last year. The advantage of being in China is that no country in the world can translate other countries' literary works on such a large scale with high quality. This is one of them. I personally like a book very much. After reading it, I occasionally pick it up and revisit the clips in it. Later I bought a few books for my friends. Stories about compassion, peace and light. I like the rhythm of the translation, and I have a chance. I want to find the original version to have a look.)

7. "The Tree of the People" Annie Prue (Recommendation reason: it is a very heavy book, so heavy that it will make other writers at a loss. The author Annie Pru is a new work 14 years later. She has published it. "Ship News" "Brokeback Mountain".)

8. "Until I Find You" John Irving (Recommendation reason: He is a very serious pure literary writer, "The Rules of Cider House", "New Hampshire Hotel", "Widowhood Year"... He is Haru Murakami A writer like what Shu said, his real readers will definitely buy his new book. I have been waiting for his new book to be translated. It is very thick, the kind that the author can show off, 700,000 Chinese characters.)

9. "Dartman" Xu Xianzhe (Recommendation reason: it should be regarded as a comic book for adults. Because I want to cooperate with a publishing house on the comic version of my work, I bought a copy at the airport bookstore, but became a steady reader. This This manga also caused a sensation in Japan.)

10. "Opening a Heart" Stephen Vestaby (Recommendation reason: the memoirs of a world-renowned cardiac surgery expert, this professional writer with more than 80% of his writing skills . Since then, he has started to understand himself heart.)

11. "Ghost Dog" Gerileqimg Black Crane (Recommended reason: reminiscent of a dog from his childhood.)

12. "Six Seasons of Reindeer" Grilqimg Black Crane (Recommendation reason: from my personal point of view, it is a real growth novel.)

13. "Harry Potter" JK Rowling

14. "The Old Man and the Sea" Ernest Hemingway

15. "Guess How Much I Love You" Sam McBrainy

[Click to view: Interview with Liang Chuan|There is nothing like reading a book, but nothing like teaching a child]

Liang Chuan recommended book list:

1. "Journey to the West" (Recommendation reason: I think it is "Journey to the West" that has influenced me most since I was a child, because this book has a kind of energy that has been supporting and encouraging me, so that I can have no fear and be firm before Row.)

2. "Walden Lake" (Recommendation reason: The author wrote various things sensitively, because he lives by the lake alone. I live in such a prosperous city, but I can only face myself and draw my own Painting, I am a little surprised at this time, we are all lonely souls.)

3. "Leakage" Liang Chuan

4. "The Autobiography of Qi Baishi" (Recommendation reason: the style is simple and unpretentious, and the love is sincere, just like his old man's paintings.)

5. "European Travel Essays" (Recommendation reason: we can feel that Hai Lao is both broad and keen on art care. Such an open and accepting personality of the world is rare in that era.)

[Click to view: Interview with Rao Xueman|I don’t understand now, it doesn’t mean I don’t understand later]

Rao Xueman's recommended book list:

1. "Things Girls Should Know" Rao Xueman

2. "The Story of the Sahara" San Mao

3. "Star Egg" Rao Yitong

4. "Devotion of Suspect X" Keigo Higashino

[Click to view: Interview with Xu Han|No longer be trapped by complicated information, experience a moment of silence and joy in the book]

Recommendation list of Xu Han Hans:

1. "The Little Prince"

2. "Ari's Adventure Series Fairy Tales Picture Book" Hans

Xu Xufeng (currently director of the exhibition department of Shanghai Academy of Painting and Calligraphy, member of Shanghai Artists Association, deputy secretary general of Chinese Opera Figure Painting Research Association, painter of Shanghai Juequn Academy of Painting and Calligraphy)

Xu Xufeng recommended book list:

1. "Compilation of Chronology of Characters in Painting and Calligraphy on the Sea" (Recommendation reason: The book I will read for a long time is "Compilation of Chronology of Characters in Painting and Calligraphy on Sea (1) (2)" which I edited. These two books are mainly my own Shanghai painting The research results of the Academy from 2012 to the present. Although the books have been published, they still have a steady stream of content that can be enriched. These two books are mainly reference books compiled on the annual life of Chinese modern calligraphy, calligraphy and printing artists. The texts in the Chinese are all very interesting and readable stories. Through these documents, the history of modern Chinese art is much more exciting than everyone thinks, and there is more to talk about. This also laid the foundation for my theory. I often give lectures and sharing sessions outside, and more importantly, I see a work I like very much in the auction house. You can check whether it is possible to draw such a style of work in this year.)

2. "Entrance Preparation Class-Reading Stories, Learning Ancient Poems" 2020 China Welfare Association Publishing House (Recommended reason: This set of books revolves around 28 ancient poems in the Chinese textbooks for the first and second grades of elementary school. There are a group of young artists like us. Specially created picture book. Because I have personally experienced the creation process, not only the publishing house, but also Qiaohu’s toy development, marketing, and Japanese version publication. The publishing process will be relatively long, and the work of the editors will be very complicated. The text and hand-painted manuscripts are also polished and polished. I personally go to the printing factory to follow the color. The final book is in my hands. It is very heavy and amazing. I did not expect such a plan to start from the child’s education itself. Allow them to infiltrate traditional Chinese culture from an early age and experience the beauty of ancient culture through multimedia. This was something I didn't expect at the beginning of creation. The whole set of products surprised me.)

3. Xu Jiufeng from the series of "Don't have a hole in the sky" (Recommendation reason: This is a set of snail shells made up of little fairies as a dojo. They are a microcosm of my neighbors, friends, and colleagues in my life. Those lovely people have no specifics. The five senses symbolize a certain group role in society, or they may be themselves. They do all kinds of humorous and cute group actions, or do morning exercises, or point to see what is happening in the distance, or ride a small The goldfish goes out in the clouds.)

4. "Wonderful and Wonderful National Treasure Story House" 2021 China China Welfare Association Publishing House (Recommended reason: "The Secret of the Clouds" in the "Wonderful and Wonderful National Treasure Story House" series is a picture book creation based on museum cultural relics. In In terms of subject matter, first of all, it is necessary to have a strict standard for the cultural relics and the requirements of the times. At the same time, it must conform to the current creative aesthetics, as well as unique ideas and ideas. On the basis of a criterion, add your own ideas to exaggerate ideas. This is a big challenge for the author, but it is also very interesting, or because I am an Aquarius, I am born a "curious baby". According to different age groups, there are interesting stories that can be read. , And you can understand the basic knowledge of cultural relics. At the same time, you can see the new side of five long-term painters (non-professional picture book creation). The toys in this set of books are also particularly interesting. What you get is a mass of mud , But you can learn from the archaeologists to slowly peel off the clods, and finally an exquisite cultural relic derivative will appear. Not only that, but also toys such as rubbings and luminous puzzles. It is a set of top-selected products for family parent-child interactions, and it is also a good choice. A product suitable for all ages and entertaining.)

[Click to view: Interview with Ghosts | Comics are not just for children to watch]

Ghost·Ling Recommended Book List:

1. Jiang Cao , "Witch" (Recommended reason: the plot arrangement and suspense setting are very good, people can't help but want to read it all at once. He is a very good storytelling cartoonist.)

2. "Take My Brother Away" Ghost·Spirit

3. "Mantou Diary" Ghost·Ling

3. "You look delicious" Gong Xida also

[Click to view: Interview with Yang Xiaoyan|All you need to read is the love of reading itself]

Yang Xiaoyan recommended book list:

1. "Dream of Red Mansions" (Recommendation reason: this is a book that I often bring, and I can read it with relish when I turn to a page. It is because I often read it frequently, from the initial reading of the plot, to reading the characters, to reading it Thoughts are very interesting.)

2. "Fireworks Manjuan" Chi Zijian (Recommendation reason: This writer has been describing the fireworks in the city with words. Her symphonic expression of the fate of ordinary people is very moving. And I call her writing as "regional" "Writing" is just like Mr. Lao She wrote about Beijing and Mr. Feng Jicai wrote about Tianjin. This is a way of writing that appeals to me.)

3. "The Sun and Clara" Kazuo Ishiguro (Recommendation reason: I think this writer perfectly combines Eastern and Western culture, social conditions and writing style.)

4. "Hapi in Our Class" Yang Xiaoyan (Recommendation reason: This book is a true record of five years of living and studying with a class of children.)

5. "Smile in the Thorns" Yang Xiaoyan (Recommendation reason: This book is a deep feeling for my hometown.)

6. "The Fountain of Agelessness" Natalie Babbitt

[Click to view: Interview with Zhu Deyong|Reading is not for eloquence and refutation, nor is it for gullibility and blind obedience]

Zhu Deyong recommended book list:

1. "Don't Lose and Never Forget" Kazuo Ishiguro

2. "Spider Monkey in the Middle of the Night" Haruki Murakami

3. "As fast as walking" by Hirokazu Zhi

4. "Sumbe in New York" by Jacques Sumbe

5. "Autumn Wind Rises from the Ground" by Jacques Sambe

6. "A Brief History of Financial Mania" John. Gaubury

7. "Removing the Speed ​​Limit" by Lawrence Bullock

8. "Photographic Words" Nobuyoshi Araki

9. "Everything is Happening" Zhu Deyong

10. "About going to work" Zhu Deyong

11. "Sweetheart Girl" Zhu Deyong



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AboutMicro News: World Book Day|This is a book list and your travel list
World Book Day|This is a book list and your travel list
World Book Day|This is a book list and your travel list
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