--> 60,000 6 months and 6 projectors. Who is the most worth buying? Nuts/XGIMI/Dangbei/Fengmi/Xiaomi/Epson? | Huangjia Laboratory | AboutMicro News
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60,000 6 months and 6 projectors. Who is the most worth buying? Nuts/XGIMI/Dangbei/Fengmi/Xiaomi/Epson? | Huangjia Laboratory

60,000 6 months and 6 projectors. Who is the most worth buying? Nuts/XGIMI/Dangbei/Fengmi/Xiaomi/Epson? | Huangjia Laboratory


60,000 6 months and 6 projectors. Who is the most worth buying? Nuts/XGIMI/Dangbei/Fengmi/Xiaomi/Epson? | Huangjia Laboratory

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Projector Hengping

After waiting for so long, the Hengping of the projector finally came. Six months ago, the Huangjia Evaluation started to prepare the topic of the projector. The manuscript was revised several times, and I wanted to conduct the test as professionally and comprehensively as possible. After buying more than 30,000 products, I have to buy screens, after buying the screens, I have to buy a color calibration instrument, and after buying a color calibration instrument, I have to rent a test site.

As a result, when the first version of the 20-minute film was reviewed, it still did not reach the broadcast standard of most people in the editorial department. Therefore, this topic selection was put on hold, but the product that I spent so much money on before can’t afford to wait. During this period, XGIMI launched new products, and the news of Nuts and Fengmi also released new products, so many pressures All prompted us to face this problem again. Re-draw the test model, purchase new XGIMI products, and re-test.

Most of the 6 projectors selected by the Huangjia Lab claim to support 4k resolution display, but the hardware is basically 1080P resolution, and the price is also around 5,000 yuan, all of which are the main sales models of various projectors. .

We purchased these 6 projectors at our own expense of more than 30,000 yuan, and also spent more than 20,000 yuan in testing expenses.

Just to show you the most professional comparison Hengping in this issue, the Huangjia Lab will measure the brightness parameters and color adjustments of each model to find out their real pain points in the actual use scene, and will also teach you How to choose a projector that suits you.

For flagship products in this price range, the most important and biggest difference is the image quality, and the factors that determine the image quality of the projector are: brightness, resolution, color deviation, contrast, and color temperature. Then we will say one by one.


Let's talk about the brightness first. Nowadays, the brightness of the projector is divided into many kinds by the merchants to confuse the audience. What are the light source brightness, color brightness, ANSL lumens, IOS brightness, and so on. In order to unify the brightness standard of a product, we consulted many standards and information, and also consulted professional laboratory testing institutions. We found this ANSI standard (the American National Standards Institute develops projector luminous flux standards), which is the majority of current projectors. The brightness calculation standard used by the instrument, but many businesses on the market perform test calculations according to their own laboratory standards. It is difficult to compare between different brands, and some projectors still have virtual table brightness. At the end of 2019, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration announced a report on the national supervision and spot check of product quality, which included the unqualified light efficiency of the projector.

In order to test whether the six projectors have false standard brightness, the Huangjia evaluation laboratory developed a set of experimental models. But the first difficulty in the test was the problem of insufficient funds. I was entangled again and again. I decided to first pay 1,300 yuan at my own expense and buy a professional illuminance meter to test the actual brightness.

We played a 60-inch 9-point illuminance test chart on the projector in the all-black experimental environment of the Huangjia Evaluation Laboratory, and recorded the illuminance value at each point with a professional illuminance meter. Illuminance is a unit that reflects the intensity of light. Its physical meaning is the amount of light shining on a unit area, that is, the number of lumens (Lm) per square meter, also called Lux. Therefore, the luminous flux of the projector is obtained by measuring the average value of the 9-point illuminance of the projector and multiplying it by the area of ​​the projected image. That is, the amount of the visual response intensity of the light source radiation produced by the projector per unit time, which is simply the brightness lumens of the projector we want.

Again, this experimental model is a test method developed in the environment of the Huangjia evaluation laboratory in accordance with ANSI standards. The data is different from the nominal ANSI lumens of each company. But under this standard, the brightness of six projectors can be compared horizontally. It has achieved our test purpose.

It can be seen from the obtained data table that the brightness ranking of each company is the same as the nominal brightness ranking. Epson has the highest brightness, Nuts, XGIMI, and Dangbei also perform well, while Fengmi and Xiaomi have the lowest brightness.

Such a gap is very obvious during the daytime when watching a projection or turning on a light to watch a movie, and at the same time when displaying a high-brightness picture, there will also be a significant gap.


After talking about brightness, we are looking at resolution. This time I chose the 5 products that use DLP technology. The internal display core DMD chips are all 0.47 inches of the standard version, which can only support the native 1080P standard resolution.

In many commercial introductions, the label "Maximum compatible with 4K resolution" does not mean that the projected picture can reach the level of 4K, in fact, it refers to compatible 4K playback.

In addition, there is a situation of shaking 4K in micro-projectors on the market. This type of micro-projection uses a technology called XPR. They achieve 4K picture quality through picture shake, which is what we often call shaking 4K. Simply put, one pixel under a 4K picture is exactly the size of 4 1080P pixels. The XPR technology is to project a frame of 1080P in four times and project them on the upper right, lower right, lower left, and upper left respectively. Under the high-speed jitter of imaging, we can visually see that it is a 4K picture.

At the same time, due to the resolution of the human eye and the viewing distance, it is almost difficult to see the difference with the naked eye under normal circumstances, so this is how 4K shaking comes from.

In order to give you a more intuitive comparison of the difference between 4K and true 4K, we have prepared the most professional true 4K home projector, the Sony VPL-VW898 worth 19W.

On this 11-meter-long, 5-meter-wide cinema screen, use these two machines to project a huge 400-inch screen to compare the difference between true 4K and shake 4K.

Real 4K image quality performance, the whole picture looks similar to what we usually see in movie theaters, the overall brightness is sufficient, the details are clear, and the color performance is also very accurate. Because Sony VW898 uses SXRD display technology, it is excellent in terms of resolution, brightness, and contrast. The picture quality of 4K shaking is quite different from the picture just now. Due to the lack of brightness, many dark details are lost; at the same time, the overall color is bluish, which is quite different from the original picture. At the same time, 4K shaking due to DLP display technology, in the high-speed moving picture, you will still see the smear situation.

We can clearly see the difference in brightness and color by comparing the two images. However, in terms of resolution, it is difficult to see the difference with the naked eye due to the longer viewing distance and larger delivery size.

Color standard

In fact, under normal circumstances, various factories have different color tendencies and adjustments to movies, TV shows, variety shows, and games, but projectors are not like TVs. It is difficult to locally optimize the color control of the screen, plus different color temperatures and contrasts. , Different bulbs, lenses, and the attenuation of the radiant light source, these all determine whether you can see more dark details, more vivid flowers and plants, and better-looking facial skin tones.

In the test color on time, I used a projector to compare movies, TV series, documentaries, animation, variety shows, ball games and even live games in the Huangjia Evaluation Laboratory. It can be seen that in the documentary film with high brightness saturation, Epson has the best color perception and is closest to the original film; XGIMI has a good look and feel, second only to Epson; and Nuts is brighter than Dangbei. The color is similar, but compared with the original painting, the tolerance is lower. Fengmi and Mijia are also similar, but the brightness of Mijia is lower and the look and feel is not as good as Fengmi.

In order to show the data more intuitively, the color deviation test is carried out through the color calibration instrument. From these values, it can be seen that the reference value of each color accuracy. Epson is the most accurate color restoration. This time it is XGIMI and XGIMI. Dangbei. Nuts have large deviations for red and magenta, and Fengmi is the same as millet, and both have large deviations for blue, red, and magenta.

In many movies, there are many darker scenes, which puts higher requirements on the contrast of the projector.

It can be seen that Epson still has the best look and feel, the details in the dark parts are clear and bright, and the color reproduction is the most accurate, but the highlights are a bit overflowing. In the second place, Dangbei has clear details in the dark parts of the picture and higher saturation of the picture. XGIMI's picture look and feel is also good, and it has better control over the overall details of the picture. However, due to the decoding problem of H265, the picture is dark. The image quality performance of Fengmi and Mijia is still consistent, and the details are mediocre in many darker scenes.

In terms of contrast values, Epson has amazingly high contrast. It seems that Epson is still very good in pure black and white; Fengmi, XGIMI, Mijia and Nuts are ranked behind; when Because of the low brightness of white, the data performance is poor.

Finally, we compare the image quality of the face in the TV series, and we can also observe the color temperature adjustment of the six projectors.

It can be seen that in this link, XGIMI has the best look and feel for the overall picture optimization, with a warmer color temperature, while Epson, which has been very accurate before, has a reddish picture. Uncle Guangkun’s face is puffed, followed by Nuts are also slightly inferior to XGIMI. The picture is not so pure, and the overall color temperature is high; while the color cast of Dangbei's picture is a bit serious. Uncle Guangkun’s clothes have completely changed color, and the color temperature is colder; Fengmi is also bright. Better than Mijia, but the color temperature of the two approaches.

From the test data, it can also be seen that the color temperature of Epson is closest to the standard color temperature of 6500K, and the color temperature of the nut is the highest, so in the picture just now, the face is also cold. The color temperature of Dangbei and XGIMI is lower than that of Fengmi and Mijia, and they are more comfortable on the screen.

To sum up, in terms of picture quality, the Nut has a higher brightness and good performance in different light environments, but the adjustment of color temperature and color accuracy is more suitable for watching movies; XGIMI has good contrast and color accuracy, The brightness is also good, which is the most satisfying when combined; and when Bei has a radical color adjustment, he will be more pleasing to the human eye when watching variety TV shows. Fengmi and Xiaomi are almost twin brothers, the adjustments of the pictures are also similar, and all aspects of performance are also quite satisfactory. Epson can achieve a good display effect when the lights are turned on indoors and during the day due to the higher brightness, and the color deviation control is also very stable.


After talking about the image quality of the projector, let's compare the experience difference of the 6 projectors in actual use.

Another advantage of projectors over TVs is that they are compact and easy to move. But every time you adjust the position, it will affect the position and size of the projected screen. At this time, the automatic correction function is needed to help us adjust the screen in real time according to the position.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Boss Yao installed a 100-inch standard curtain wall in the living room of his home, and then placed the projector in different positions to test whether the rectangular image can be corrected quickly.

Let’s talk about the lagging Epson. There is no four-way automatic keystone correction. It can be corrected manually through the horizontal trapezoidal slider on the top of the fuselage. At the same time, the system also needs to be adjusted manually, which is very unintelligent; Nuts and Dangbei support Automatic keystone correction, but the screen response speed is the slowest, and it cannot respond quickly to adjust the screen. XGIMI, Fengmi, and Mijia have the fastest response times. However, the accuracy of the correction picture is not high, and it is not a square rectangle at the time, and it needs to be adjusted manually. The algorithms of each company need to be improved.

If you want to build a home theater with a projector, the sound effects are very important. Not only do companies move out of famous factories to tune, they also add to the power. 6 projectors play human voice and movie effects, please watch the video.

In addition to the sound produced by the speakers, the cooling fan in the projector will also buzz continuously, which can easily affect the experience when watching movies. After turning them on and playing for 30 minutes, a high-dynamic decibel meter was used to collect the noise value. According to the actual measurement, only the Epson meeting will produce 36.6dB noise. The noise is very obvious. The other models are kept within 28dB, and the sound may be heard. But it is not very obvious.

to sum up

To sum up, these 6 projectors are mostly similar in experience and design, but the picture quality is very different. Different light source brightness and color adjustments separate them into different styles. You can reply to "Projector" in the background to get the various parameter charts of the 6 projectors.

XGIMI H3S has good brightness performance and color performance, sound effects are also very good, and also has a stable automatic keystone correction, there are some, the most recommended, but the current price is a bit high, it is recommended to wait for the party;

JmGO J10, as the product of the second half of last year's conference, has sufficient hardware configuration, complete functional experience, and very conscientious brightness. It can also perform well in the daytime indoors, but the color deviation and color temperature adjustment are not enough. I hope that the follow-up OTA can be optimized as soon as possible;

For those friends who usually watch a lot of variety TV series, it is actually more suitable to choose Dangbei F3, with bright colors optimized. Although it will be more comfortable and bright when watching such pictures, it will appear a bit exaggerated and radical when playing movies;

Fengmi Vogue Pro and Mijia Projector 2Pro, the twin brothers, are similar in all respects, and are basically different brands of the same manufacturer. The screen performance is similar. It is basically quite satisfactory, not the best, but there is nothing wrong with it. The most important thing is that it is more cost-effective, and it can also cooperate with more Mijia AIoT devices. Friends with limited budgets can start. .

The Epson TW5700 has the highest brightness and the most accurate color adjustment, but it is not recommended to watch movies at home. Its design, system, and optimization still retain the shadow of a traditional conference projector, which is more suitable As a professional display device.

Having said that, although we are more or less dissatisfied with these 6 projectors, it also brings us a different kind of life experience and romance when experiencing the projector.

If you are a person who pursues livingism and always like to pursue happiness and ritual in life, it is likely that you are always reluctant to put down your mobile phone when watching movies at home. TV and mobile phones are not wrong, and finally what is broadcast on TV Did not remember. But the projector will require you to carefully select a movie, prepare fruit snacks to watch, turn off the lights, put down the phone, and spend time enjoying the movie concentratingly.

Every day after get off work, my girlfriend lays on the sofa, watching an old movie, enjoying beauty and romance; friends come, watch an episode of variety shows together, and make the house full of laughter; watch an episode of documentary when you are alone, quiet Enrich themselves. These are the unique ritual sense of the projector, the small fortune brought to life, and the immersion and enjoyment brought by the beam of light under this dark light.

Well, the above is the entire content of this episode. If you think it is helpful to you, don't forget to share it with your friends.



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AboutMicro News: 60,000 6 months and 6 projectors. Who is the most worth buying? Nuts/XGIMI/Dangbei/Fengmi/Xiaomi/Epson? | Huangjia Laboratory
60,000 6 months and 6 projectors. Who is the most worth buying? Nuts/XGIMI/Dangbei/Fengmi/Xiaomi/Epson? | Huangjia Laboratory
60,000 6 months and 6 projectors. Who is the most worth buying? Nuts/XGIMI/Dangbei/Fengmi/Xiaomi/Epson? | Huangjia Laboratory
AboutMicro News
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