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Called the "Lafite" in the Chinese wine industry, it has been cellared for 15 years, just waiting for this good wine

Called the "Lafite" in the Chinese wine industry, it has been cellared for 15 years, just waiting for this good wine

 According to textual research, the Chinese have been drinking rice wine for more than 5,000 years. From the nobles to the literati, no one does not love it. It can be regarded as a good example of the national tide.

Zhou Jingliang, a 91-year-old researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, once wrote an article "My Father and Wine" said: "In the late 1960s, wine could be sold at zero dozen. In food stores, Moutai was 0.43 yuan/tael, but rice wine was 0.55 yuan/tael."

It can be seen that it was worth more than white wine at the time , and 15-year-old rice wine was even rarer. It is not an exaggeration to call it "Liquor Lafite" .

The ancient book "Book of Jin Bi Zhuo Biography" also recorded, " Holding a wine glass in your right hand and crab claws in your left hand, shooting in a floating wine boat will last a lifetime."

Here is the rice wine, in the twelfth lunar month of winter, drink a cup when eating cold food, warm the body and stomach , strengthen the muscles and bones , complement each other, wonderful!

▲Rice wine, one of the oldest wines in the world, and unique to China.

As the Spring Festival is approaching, wine is always on the table.

But the elders prefer white wine, and drinking too much can easily hurt their bodies. Since you can't persuade, and you can't give up drinking, you might as well let the family have a good drink this year.

According to Baidu Encyclopedia, rice wine is rich in 21 kinds of amino acids, plant flavonoids, vitamins and inorganic salts and other trace elements, which not only does not hurt the body, but can also improve the body.

In order to produce a good rice wine, the selection of materials, brewing technology, winemaker's skills, brewing time and year, and even the choice of wine utensils are very particular, and there is no room for sloppy selection.

A good rice wine can only be controlled by experienced winemakers.

The 15-year-old puree wine recommended today, the brand is "June Raindrop", belongs to the authentic Shaoxing rice wine brewing method, and there are only 10,000 bottles nationwide .

Sealed in the winter of 2005, the rare aged wine on the market has been kept in a full cellar for 5474 days and nights. The wine is full of fragrance after opening the bottle, and it is not drunk first.

The master brewer, a national first-class brewer with 40 years of experience in Shaoxing , has gone through 32 traditional processes and is hand-made by ancient methods with exceptional quality.

Pure natural fermentation, no blending, the real puree liquid! !

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Called the "Lafite" in the Chinese wine industry, it has been cellared for 15 years, just waiting for this good wine

With it, drinking is a pleasure.

■ wine amber translucent cup hanging wonderful natural texture.

■ The wine has a light floral fragrance, elegant, pure and fragrant.

■ The wine tastes mellow and long-lasting, returning to sweetness and refreshing.

Good rice wine is not only fragrant, slightly sweet, full and rich, but also more fragrant . It is a rare good wine to drink on any occasion .

Especially at the end of the year, warming a pot of rice wine, inviting three or five friends, preparing side dishes, pushing cups and changing cups, warming the heart and the stomach, it is wonderful.

Even women who don’t drink are especially worth a drink!

The entrance has wine-like acidity, and then it turns into fruity sweetness, and unique aromas such as sweet glutinous grain, silky milk, bamboo etc.~

You have occupied the taste buds between you and me. With 15° alcohol level, you won’t be able to get drunk after a while, just take a sip and it will be applauded!

Not only wine can be tasted, but wine vessels can also be collected.

Most of the wine bottles you see on weekdays are made of dark glass, which is dull and unsightly, but this yellow wine bottle has a really good appearance.

This celadon bottle is the work of artist Yuan Yihong . The market value of the light celadon bottle itself is more than 400 yuan.

Teacher Yuan Yihong has won the National Ceramic Art Design Innovation Gold Award , and his works have also been donated to Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee.

The celadon vase was fired in Jingdezhen by teacher Yuan Yihong according to the Longquan celadon craftsmanship. After 72 procedures, it took 22 days to complete.

The glazed surface of the bottle body is verdant like jade, with suitable shades, elegant and refined. The bottle is a work of art, and I didn't expect it to have a special flavor after being filled.

▲Use it for aging, good protection from light, and can maintain the freshness of the wine

Don't throw away the celadon bottle at will after drinking, or it will be wasted. It is very beautiful when used as decorations at home, such as flower arrangement, decoration and enjoyment.

Moreover, the collection value is not small. Only 20,000 of these celadon bottles have been made. Each bottle has a collection certificate and a unique collection code at the bottom of the bottle.

▲Note: The code in the picture above is "00070/20000", which is the 70th bottle among 20,000 bottles. Each bottle has a unique collection code at the bottom, and a collection certificate is attached after purchase.

It is often said by the older generation that rice wine is the medicinal introduction of Chinese medicine prescriptions. Drinking it in moderation is good for the body, it can relieve the muscles and blood, keep the cold and nourish the skin.

However, the rice wine on the market is becoming less and less daring to drink. The blending is endless and boring. I wanted to maintain my health, but the more I drink it, the more it hurts my body.

This rice wine has been aged for a full 15 years, naturally fermented without sucrose, and without blending. It can be bought for family members with peace of mind. It is heart-warming and stomach-warming.

Just like old Pu'er, the sweetness is long, and the more you drink, the more mellow and mellow. It is in line with the diet structure of the Chinese people. Daily drinks are nourishing, nourishing, and nourishing people.

▲Yellow wine is a warm tonic, drink in moderation, can warm the body.

I usually socialize outside, and sometimes I have to bite the bullet and pour high liquor, which is unavoidable for my body, and this rice wine is reserved for my own people.

The low alcohol content of 15° doesn't have to be that much. It's just suitable for mild alcoholism. After a few cups, the conversation becomes more interesting, and the chatter is so happy.

In addition, it tastes mellow, weak in bad taste, and just right in sweetness. Colleagues who have never drunk rice wine in the office are full of praise after tasting it .

It is really rare to be able to buy this puree rice wine! Whether it's warming up for the family, or buying it as a gift during the holidays, it's just right.

Ingenuity brewing with ancient methods

Made by good wine masters. His name is Gu Yinhua, a national first-class brewer, and he has 40 years of brewing experience.

Master Gu Yinhua is the winemaker of this rice wine, a native of Shaoxing, who has devoted his life to the brewing of rice wine.

Under the influence of his family, Master Gu Yinhua entered Shaoxing Dongfeng Winery (now Kuaijishan Winery) as an apprentice when he was a teenager, focusing on learning winemaking techniques.

After only three years, he was enthusiastic and eager to learn, and became a workshop director. His skills even surpassed his parents.

In 2003, Gu Yinhua, one of the founders of Tapa Shaoxing Distillery, was uneasy and decided to leave here and go to Anhui Yueyi Distillery (now Anhui Fulao Distillery) to start a new career.

Note: Pagoda was originally an export brand, but only established its own winery in 1995 and named it "Tapai Shaoxing Winery".

After several twists and turns, the winery finally decided to build in Wangjiang, because there are good mountains, good water, and good rice, and it has the conditions for brewing good wine.

So he did not hesitate to hesitate and made up his mind: he must make a good rice wine with another flavor.

Wangjiang is the land of fish and rice in Anhui.

It is also a domestic high-quality glutinous rice producing area, with dense lakes in the territory, which provides a good raw material foundation for brewing rice wine.

Although it is in Anhui, Master Gu Yinhua insists on using Shaoxing's traditional brewing method.

Shaoxing people make wine, and they pay attention to the "time": making wine medicine in summer, making wheat koji in autumn, opening brewing in winter, and closing the altar at spring equinox. Each step is carried out with the changing of the seasons.

▌Summer makes alcohol medicine

Liquor is a yeast that promotes fermentation during wine making. It uses liǎo (liǎo) grass and crushed fresh early rice as raw materials.

After the raw materials are fermented overnight, white mycelium will grow on the wine medicine the next day.

This contains a lot of yeast, Rhizopus and glucoamylase, it is these organic substances that give the wine a full-bodied and fresh taste.

▌Autumn wheat koji

Wheat koji, known as the "wine bone" of rice wine, can form the rich and mellow aroma of rice wine.

It is made from wheat, which promotes the conversion of starch into glucose, which is then fermented into alcohol.

▌Lidong open brew

Around Lidong, it is the time to brew new wine.

After sieving rice, soaking rice, steaming rice, dropping the vat, pre-fermenting, raking, and fermenting after filling the altar, it took more than 90 days.

▌Vernal Equinox Closing Altar

Wait until the spring equinox in the coming year, after the fermented wine is pressed, filtered, and fried, the altar is sealed for storage, and the rest is handed over to time.

The hard work has paid off, and after 15 years of waiting, this great wine has finally become!

Once the "June Raindrop" rice wine came out, it was widely praised by the market and consumers, and even attracted the attention of some Shaoxing wineries.

Nowadays, in addition to brewing rice wine, the winery also provides high-end base wine for the winery in Shaoxing. It has also become a special rice wine for the Beijing Olympic Club.

Note: Some rice wines are blended with base wine to ensure that the flavor of each bottle of rice wine is uniform.

It has become one of the local pride of fine rice wine, and it is also the finale wine for many high-end cocktail parties and important occasions, giving people more face.

When I tried crowdfunding for the first time, in just a few days, the amount exceeded 1 million . The crowdfunding results were very good, and the comments and feedback were rave reviews~

At present, it is the best time to appreciate this rice wine, and every drop is a rare treasure in the wine.

Stick to the good wine of conscience and live up to 15 years of waiting. This year, I will use this pot of wine to respect myself and all the people around me who are serious about their lives!

Stop drinking that ordinary white wine, try this health yellow bar with your family, take a bite, let your lips and tongue have a taste!

Gifts, collections, and drinking together . Gather three or five friends, warm a pot of fine rice wine, and taste a fragrant cup. Not only does alcohol addiction, but also warms your heart~

*Note: Most rice wine packaging on the market is very ordinary, and rice wine more than 15 years old has very little output and is even more precious. This served in a work of art in the puree aging , the national total of only 20,000 bottles .

And this time, we won 1,000 bottles for everyone , and now you can enjoy a special price when you place an order , and a bottle is only 299 yuan!

Original price: 499 yuan

Fan exclusive price: 299 yuan

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AboutMicro News: Called the "Lafite" in the Chinese wine industry, it has been cellared for 15 years, just waiting for this good wine
Called the "Lafite" in the Chinese wine industry, it has been cellared for 15 years, just waiting for this good wine
Called the "Lafite" in the Chinese wine industry, it has been cellared for 15 years, just waiting for this good wine
AboutMicro News
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