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Hongmeng VS EMUI comparison experience, HarmonyOS is better than Android? | Huangjia Reviews

Hongmeng VS EMUI comparison experience, HarmonyOS is better than Android? | Huangjia Reviews


Hongmeng VS EMUI

The long-awaited Hongmeng system has finally been officially released. As soon as it can be updated, Huang’s evaluation will upgrade the Mate40Pro in its hands. So, let’s talk to you about the content of this issue. After upgrading the Hongmeng OS, you What kind of changes can you get in your experience? In order to ensure the unification of the hardware, the Huangjia Evaluation has spent a lot of money to build a Mate40 Pro running EMUI. Let's take a look at the comparison, where is Hongmeng?


Design, UI interface

Before the comparison, both mobile phones have been upgraded to the latest version of the system that can be updated. The most intuitive change after the upgrade is the UI. The Hongmeng system adopts a new universe blue as the theme color. Compared with the original EMUI blue, the color of Hongmeng is deeper.

Although it seems to be the same at first glance, the color and style of some icons have also changed. At the same time, the font has also been greatly optimized, and the Hongmeng black body has been newly designed. Comparing the two fonts, you can see that the Hongmeng bold font is more important and the structure of the characters is clearer.

In addition to being more visually comfortable, Hongmeng Heibody is also compatible with other devices in the ecology. On devices with different resolutions and screen sizes, there will be different display sizes. For example, on a watch, it will Display fonts that are narrower than those on mobile phones, increasing screen utilization.

In this new set of UI, Hongmeng OS also introduces a new style of imitation in many of its own apps. For example, the buttons in the calculator have a raised three-dimensional design, and the compass and clock have this kind of recessed design, which is visually more interesting compared to the flattened EMUI. Compared with EMUI, the animation is smoother, and many movements and gestures are smooth. For example, when opening and sliding the app, you will feel more rhythmic. When the HyperTerminal is connected to the device, the two devices that can communicate will have a magnetic attraction; when you download the app, the effect animation of the solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse will also be displayed. , It looks more brisk and fun to use.

To make a digression, it seems that after the design style of the past few years, the imitation is gradually returning. The latest systems such as Apple and Xiaomi have rich imitation elements.

The drop-down menu of the system is also richer than EMUI. In addition to the notification center, the drop-down right side is added to call up the control center. The lower part adds a super terminal function, which puts the control of multiple devices in the same In one place, coordinate and connect other devices at the same time. For example, the video being played on the mobile phone can be directly in the control center, drag the tablet with the same account Hongmeng around, and the content can be continuously played on the tablet. Note that it is not a screencast, but the same app Enter the same interface, continue to play the content just now. However, the systems of the two devices are now in beta, and the experience is not too smooth. The time and response speed of finding the device are a bit long, and I look forward to subsequent updates.

The super terminal can be said to be a core concept in the Hongmeng ecology. In short, your mobile phone, computer, watch and other smart terminals are all part of this super terminal. They can be combined in pairs or multiple combinations to form a whole, and learn from each other to help you accomplish a thing better. To make a simple analogy, TV has advantages in screen size, and mobile phones have advantages in touch interaction, then you can use the TV screen to display content, and control operations on the mobile phone, of course, there are many usage scenarios. Huang's review also gave you a more in-depth experience in the super terminal. You can follow the Huang's review and find the previous content.

In Hongmeng's design, the introduction of the card component is also the biggest difference from EMUI. We go back to the desktop and swipe on the app icon that supports the Hongmeng system to call out the app card. It can be fixed on the desktop or choose a different size. Compared with other systems, it feels like long-pressing the icon on the menu. It is combined with small components, but it does not need to be fixed on the desktop to use it. It is still more flexible. Developers can add particularly commonly used functions to the card to improve use efficiency. This card can also enter the second level. You can imagine that in the future, you can scan the WeChat and so on. You can scan the code without entering the app and pop up a card. It is more efficient than the shortcut.

In the negative one-screen service center, you can also directly add various service cards, without installing an app, and directly complete the functions that the user wants to achieve on the card. You may think that there is nothing new in this form, but the card design is the best embodiment of the full-stack decoupling design of the Hongmeng system. Simply put, the Hongmeng system itself and the applications and services of the Hongmeng system are based on building blocks. Designed in form, you see that the app is a castle made up of these building blocks, but they can also build small houses and bridges through different combinations, and directly use them in places where the app is not needed, and it also makes compatible hardware The lower limit of the configuration is lower.

For another example, using WeChat on a mobile phone can send messages, watch Moments, and take small videos; when using it on a watch, car or car, you may only need to send and receive messages. Then the developer can directly send and receive messages. Take the building block and use it. It can run directly and independently, reducing the cost of the developer's secondary development. At the same time, only a part of the app will occupy a lot of less resources. Like ordinary cars with little memory, they can run smoothly, and this app Whether it is on a mobile phone, a watch or a car machine, it is written in a set of languages, which is more barrier-free in interconnection.

App experience

After talking about how it looks, then it's time to talk about how it works. Since the underlying system has indeed changed, the first test is the adaptation of the previous Android application. Here, 50 commonly used applications are selected to test the operation under the Hongmeng system, and the results can run normally without incompatibility. Case. However, there are very few applications that have been adapted to Hongmeng. At present, only Youku's own distributed cards are tested by the Huangjia. Of course, the system has just been officially released. This is not a problem with Huawei's appeal.

At the same time, Huangjia Evaluation also contacted classmates who work at Huawei, and probably understood that the apps under the Hongmeng ecology will exist in four ways in the future.

The first is that the original Android app can be run directly without any changes to the developer. At the same time, Huawei provides a compilation tool to directly translate the Android package into a Hongmeng package, and the file size can be reduced by 40%.

The second is to add Hongmeng distributed cards on the basis of the original Android app, and package them together to become a two-in-one method, that is, it has the Hongmeng color function and does not need to re-develop the app.

The third is that if developers have the need to run on multiple terminals, similar to the WeChat in the previous example, then they can rebuild a Hongmeng app by building blocks to meet the multi-terminal operating conditions in the ecosystem;

The last one is very simple. Developers can develop small cards instead of apps, such as ecological products such as refrigerators and washing machines. To control them, the function of one card may be enough.

It was also mentioned at the press conference that everyone has been having a headache to kill the background problem, Hongmeng will be greatly improved, so we deliberately tested it, browsed Taobao's product page, and then opened 10 applications, and then returned to Taobao, Taobao You will return to the previous page; and the content you saw in the waterfall stream on Weibo, if you return after a period of time, you will enter the open-screen advertisement, and then return to the Weibo at the top of the waterfall stream. And the Youku video adapted to the Hongmeng system, if you enter it again, you will be at the previous video position. This is actually a little different from what people usually understand as "killing the background". Before the app returns, it remembers the current position, and then quickly returns to the previous position when it is opened again. Compared with other operating systems, this is indeed a little improvement, but if you can cancel the open-screen advertisement when you return again and reduce the waiting time, the experience will be better.

At the same time, in terms of startup speed, the Huangjia evaluation also made a comparison. Hongmeng is faster than EMUI, which is nearly 20 seconds faster. At the same time, when opening the last few applications, it is obvious that Hongmeng's application opening action is much smoother than EMUI. After opening all 20 models, and then opening the first application, the background of the two mobile phones did not kill the first application. This is very pleasant.

Finally, there are conventional items, battery life and power consumption. Under the same room temperature environment, Huangjia Evaluation adjusted the two mobile phones to the same setting, and tested each game for half an hour.

 Peace elite
King of Glory
Original god
EMUI average frame rate
Hongmeng average frame rate
EMUI frame rate fluctuation0.5
Hongmeng frame rate fluctuations

It can be seen that there is not much difference between the two in terms of the peace elite and the glory of the king. In the original god, the frame rate of the original god under the Hongmeng system is very unstable and the performance is abnormal. It may be related to the current Beta version of the firmware. From a point of view, performance optimization still depends on hardware, and system improvements and optimization changes are very limited.

In terms of battery life, two mobile phones were tested according to the 3-hour battery life test model evaluated by Huangjia:

WeiboStation BPeace elitevideo call

The power consumption of the two mobile phones is basically the same, so there is no need to worry about battery life, but there is no saying that after upgrading to Hongmeng, the power consumption control will be better, etc. In terms of daily use experience, in general, the current Hongmeng and EMUI , The experience will not be too different on the same model, but through the design and conception of some functions, it can be seen that with the continuous complement of software and hardware in the later Hongmeng ecology, Hongmeng will open up a greater experience in the experience. gap.


I see people on the Internet saying that if you can install Android apps, it proves that your Hongmeng is still Android. It's just a case to continue your life. At the end of this issue, I would like to express the opinions of Huang's evaluation.

First of all, Android itself is developed based on Linux, and these codes are completely open source. Anyone can use it, and anyone can modify it. Everyone said that GMS is the soul of Google in the Android system. After Huawei could not use GMS, it has quickly replaced it with HMS and launched its own application market, so Hongmeng The birth of GMS is not to solve the problem of GMS at all, and there is no such thing as a shell-to-life operation.

The reason why Huawei created Hongmeng is to solve the problem of multi-device interconnection and to improve the coordination efficiency of multiple smart devices. Then this problem is solved, its own ecology is built, and the user experience is really improved through Hongmeng. , Does it matter whether it is a shell? Moreover, the Linux code was originally open source, and Huawei did not steal or snatch it, and it is not ashamed to stand on the shoulders of giants to solve new problems.

From the perspective of users’ daily use, Huawei allows the rich Android app ecosystem to be unsupported. Instead, it builds a completely new ecosystem on its own. The application needs to be re-developed to increase the burden on developers. After the user upgrades, the original app can no longer be used. The apps of big companies may be updated soon, and the small and beautiful apps may take a long time to adapt. In this way, users and developers will ultimately be hurt.

So, isn't it the best way to solve the problem without causing new troubles? On the other hand, we also hope that Huawei can promote more developers and ecological equipment more quickly to join the Hongmeng system, bringing a better system experience and a more complete Hongmeng universe.

This time the experience of Hongmeng OS on the mobile phone is over, and we will see you next time. Remember to forward it, and then click "I'm watching".

Editor in charge: Liu Yukun PT030



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AboutMicro News: Hongmeng VS EMUI comparison experience, HarmonyOS is better than Android? | Huangjia Reviews
Hongmeng VS EMUI comparison experience, HarmonyOS is better than Android? | Huangjia Reviews
Hongmeng VS EMUI comparison experience, HarmonyOS is better than Android? | Huangjia Reviews
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