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No wide! Dyson/Midea/Mijia/Lake Jimmy/Delma Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Hengping | Huangjia Laboratory

No wide! Dyson/Midea/Mijia/Lake Jimmy/Delma Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Hengping | Huangjia Laboratory


Have you ever found a cleaned room, if you leave it alone, it will become very dirty and messy in a few days? This phenomenon from order to disorder, we generally call it entropy increase " . "Entropy increase" will not decrease voluntarily, but will continue to increase. If you want to break the state's room to need outside help, this time a reverse "entropy increase" artifact there, and that is today's hero - wireless hand- held vacuum cleaner. We have selected the following vacuum cleaners based on the sales in the market, product iterations, and user reviews . While comparing them, we also hope to help you choose a vacuum cleaner that you want.


Product choice

Dyson first appeared. As the benchmark of high-end handheld wireless vacuum cleaners above 3,000 yuan, we chose its new product V12. Next, it is the domestic high-end vacuum cleaners that are concentrated in the 2000-3000 yuan price range. Midea's latest Z7 was successfully selected, as well as the V12, which is also widely spread on the Internet. The products with better sales on e-commerce platforms are generally concentrated in the price range of 1,000 yuan to 2,000 yuan, such as the new product K10 pro released by Mijia and the Internet product of Lake Jimmy’s CJ55, which is a major vacuum cleaner manufacturer, Lake Jimmy’s CJ55. . Of course, there are products below 1,000 yuan, Mijia's lite and Delmar's VC01.

Principle of Vacuuming

The vacuum cleaner has been born for more than 100 years, and it is not a complicated product in itself. To put it simply, the vacuum cleaner relies on electricity to drive the motor-the motor rotates the fan-the fan extracts air to form a pressure difference between inside and outside-the air enters the low pressure with the high pressure, and the dust is taken away-through various methods to collect dust (earlier by Dust bags are basically cyclone separation nowadays)-filter the dusty air-bring out the clean air.

The key to the cleaning ability: the motor

As can be seen from the principles mentioned above, motors and fans seem to be very important components. Indeed, the higher the motor speed, the faster the fan will be driven, and the more air will be drawn. Generally, common motors are divided into brush motors and brushless motors . As you can see from the name, the difference lies in the "brush"-that is, the brush. In the brush motor, the brush is made of graphite material, which is mainly responsible for the role of electricity. It contacts with another part of the brush motor. The physical characteristics make it easy to wear, short life and sparks under high-speed rotation. The speed of brushed motors is about 50,000 rpm or less. The brushless motor cancels the brush, and controls the motor rotation through a sensor made of semiconductor material. Because there is no physical contact, it has a longer life and higher speed. The several models we chose basically reached 100,000 revolutions per minute, and the highest speed of the Z7 like the United States could even reach 160,000 revolutions. But does the faster the speed mean the stronger the suction power? A word appeared here: Airwatts .

It sounds high-end, but in fact, most manufacturers will call it AW or air watts, suction power for short when they advertise. The level of this value is relatively true to the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

AW laboratory test

We found the relevant national standard laboratory to see if the true suction power of these products is as marked.

According to the test method in GB/T 20291.1-2104 for domestic vacuum cleaners in my country, the maximum AW of 7 vacuum cleaners was tested in a laboratory environment. The test results are as follows:

Dyson V12, Chaimi V12, and Mijia K10 Pro all exceeded the advertised maximum suction power; while Midea and Lake Jimmy failed to reach the advertised suction power; Mijia Lite and Delmar did not promote the suction power.

Although theoretically the higher the AW, the better the working efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. But must the high AW vacuum cleaner be clean? Therefore, we also prepared some small experiments.

Residue dust test

In this experiment, we laid a 700mm test floor and carpet in accordance with the national standard. While using flour to simulate daily dust, wigs, mung beans, peanuts, mixed oatmeal, snack residues, etc. were also purchased to increase the difficulty and diversity of the experiment. After mixing these items, sprinkle them evenly on the test surface. The vacuum cleaner uniformly uses the standard brush head, which is a soft-bristled roller brush, to pass the test surface at one time, and finally observe the test result. It should be noted that Mijia Lite is not equipped with a soft-bristled roller brush, but this kind of hard-bristled roller brush, or carpet roller brush, and Delma does not have a roller brush.

The first is the floor test: Dyson, Mijia Lite, Xiaomi K10 Pro, Lake Jimmy can basically suck up dust, but a small amount of large particles, such as peanuts, will still be blown away by the rolling brush; while Midea, Mijia Lite and Delma are basically Small dust is sucked in, and large particles are pushed to the side.

The carpet test is more interesting. We chose three common carpets: long-pile carpet, short-pile carpet and plain weave carpet.

In the long-pile carpet test, except for Dyson, the whole army was basically wiped out. These vacuum cleaners did not suck up large particles, and most vacuum cleaners also need to be lifted to suck in debris, even the relatively best Dyson , Rolling brush basically can't play a role.

In the low-pile carpet test, Dyson, Chaimu, Mijia K10 Pro, and Lake performed well and stable, with only some small particles remaining. Among them, Mijia K10 Pro performed the most prominently. In contrast, Midea, Mijia Lite, and Delmar still performed well. Push the large particles to the side, and the cleaning is not thorough.

Finally, in the flat-woven carpet test, Dyson, Zhuimi, Mijia K10 Pro and Lake Jimmy performed basically the same, with a small amount of flour and small particles remaining, of which Xiaomi K10 Pro had the least residue after visual inspection and inspection. Mijia Lite originally thought that it would also roll over to the top, but this time it performed well and can compete with vacuum cleaners of more than 1,000 yuan. The performance of Midea and Delmar was average, and Midea left a lot of large particles, and Delmar could not proceed normally until the work was completed.

Some viewers may say that no dedicated carpet brush heads were used in the test, because among all the selections in the experiment, only the carpet brush heads equipped with Dyson and Midea Z7, except for Midea Z7 which performs well in flat woven carpets, others The scenes are basically the same, and some are even worse than the standard brush head.

Mite removal test

We sprinkled 10g of flour evenly on the mattress while covering with a towel, and brushed it with a mite-removing brush at one time, and calculated the number of grams of flour inhaled by comparing the weights before and after.

Because Mijia Lite and Delma below 1,000 yuan are not equipped with a mite removal brush, they will not participate in this test. Judging from the test results, Dyson inhaled a maximum of 2.4 grams, Midea's 1.9 grams, Mijia and Chaimi were 1.4 and 1.2 grams, while Lake seems to have not changed.

That is to say, in terms of weight change, Dyson and Midea inhale the most other substances besides flour. If the default is mite corpses, secretions, excrement... etc., their mites removal effect is the best. Even if it is not all the remains of the above mites, Dyson and Midea are among the best in dealing with tiny impurities.

Practical test of brush head

In order to verify the practicability of each brush head, we also designed a small experiment; use the same amount of flour, put it on the sofa, floor mat, and air conditioner, distribute the hair in the gap, and put the food residue under the sofa and TV cabinet. Sprinkled on the floor...In short, it is a picture that gives you all kinds of headaches. After preparation, use a vacuum cleaner to clean up, use the corresponding brush head in each scene, and finally calculate the working time. The results are as follows:

Of course, this is just a reference, if the hand speed is fast enough, the time will definitely be shorter. In fact, what I want to say here is that changing the brush head is still very troublesome. The fewer brush heads, the better. It is best to clean the whole house with one brush head, so that the time is the shortest.

Battery life

Battery and battery life are also key parameters. We tested the battery life of several vacuum cleaners with the maximum gear. The results are as follows for your reference. In general high-end models, replaceable batteries are used, but only one battery is not kind...

Design experience of vacuum cleaner

In addition to the ability to vacuum and clean is extremely important, good-looking "looks" and easy-to-use detailed design are also essential. Good design can improve the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner, and more importantly, it can affect your experience.

The cleaning method of the vacuum cleaner should be the point that everyone is most concerned about, especially the way the dust box is opened. Among the several products we reviewed, except for the dust boxes of Mijia Lite and Delmar, which need to be manually unscrewed, other products support one-click opening. Midea and Mijia K10 pro can remove the entire dust box for cleaning. You can unscrew the dust bucket shell, and Mijia Lite is the most troublesome, and the hands will more or less take up the dust.

There are also HEPA filter cleaning methods, except for Mijia K10 Pro, Xiaomi Lite and Delma, which need to be removed and replaced. Other models are externally opened for cleaning, and can be used for a long time after cleaning.

Regarding noise control, we loaded a standard brush head in the room to test the maximum noise around the product

As a result, all vacuuming noises are between 80 and 100 decibels, and long-term exposure to this noise can cause hearing damage. However, the battery of the current wireless vacuum cleaner can only last for about 10 minutes, and your ears can get a short rest.

Then there is the weight of the vacuum cleaner. When you use the vacuum cleaner, most of the weight is concentrated on the wrist. Therefore, the overall light-weight vacuum cleaner feels the best. We have listed the weight of each product's head + standard roller brush for your reference.

Del Hui and Mi Lite are the lightest and relatively most convenient, but the handheld mode uses a U-shaped grip. When the left and right sides are turned, the forearm receives more force, which is slightly uncomfortable for long-term use. The rest of the vacuum cleaners are all gun-type, which is more comfortable to rotate left and right. Among them, Dyson has the lightest overall weight, the easiest to move, and easy to pick up. The Mi k10 pro is the heaviest. It requires wrist control to turn left and right, which makes it less comfortable to hold compared to other models. The grip of the Midea Z7 is relatively rearward, it is easier to turn left and right, but it is more laborious to lift it up.

The above basically includes the main parameters and functions of the vacuum cleaner, and of course there are some additional auxiliary cleaning functions.

Such as dust monitoring-mainly on some high-end models, Dyson uses an inductive dust monitoring module; there are also Midea Z7 and Xiaomi K10 Pro, which will adjust the suction power according to the size of the dust in the case of automatic transmission. Strong or weak, this function looks very intimate, but in the actual experience, it only feels that the suction power has become stronger, and other changes are not obvious...

Dust lighting is to add a lighting system to the brush head to better observe whether it is cleaned. Most models use LED lighting, but this time Dyson has added a laser, which makes it clearer by comparison. But... opening it will always make you feel that you haven't sucked it clean before, so use it with caution.

to sum up

In addition to the parameters such as suction, battery, weight, and battery life, the brush head is actually more important to the effect. As long as you can suck the debris into the dust port, most vacuum cleaners can complete their work perfectly. But if you can’t breathe in, you have no choice but to...

Finally, the total knot about several products:

Dyson is still a product whose quality and price are directly proportional, with more accessories, lighter volume, and smaller brush heads. If the price is acceptable, it would be right to choose it.

Midea-the king of data, high speed and high suction, but in actual experience, the brush head may be a design problem, and the cleaning effect is not proportional to the parameters.

Chasing-a product that has been on the market for almost a year, the parameters and performance are still not behind, the brush head is relatively complete, the overall cleanliness is also outstanding, and it is a product with good overall performance.

Mijia K10 Pro-The price/performance ratio below 2,000 yuan is outstanding. The performance in some scenarios is comparable to high-end products. The only drawback is that it is heavier.

Lake Jimmy CJ55-the performance of the 7 vacuum cleaners is quite satisfactory, which can meet the cleaning needs of most scenes, and it is a good product.

Mijia and Delma-vacuum cleaners that cost less than a thousand dollars are lighter, but they are not ideal in terms of overall cleanliness and user experience.

If I recommend it, from the perspective of cost performance and ease of use, I will choose Xiaomi K10 Pro; if the budget is limited and there are products that want data performance and cleaning effects, I will recommend Chaimu V12; if the budget is ok, don’t hesitate to go straight Start with Dyson V12.

In fact, many people think that cleaning the room is a troublesome thing. But if you change your mind, you will find that there are many benefits, such as an old Japanese gentleman-Hidesaburo Keyyama. As the CEO of a company, he insisted on cleaning for 60 years. In the first few years of the beginning, I only cleaned by myself. Slowly, someone wanted to join him and help him. Finally, he made cleaning become the company’s culture and created a “sweep road” to help other companies clean up and clean the environment. It also allowed their company to establish a self-disciplined and professional image, and gained recognition from customers. Interested students can buy a book with the same name to learn more about the sweeping story.

Kenyama Hidesaburo believes that Sweeping can become a humble person, a caring person, can cultivate a heart of touch, initiate a feeling of gratitude, and sharpen the heart, sweep the spirit with "all things thoroughly, thank you for your kindness", and behave! Thereby affecting the surrounding people and even the society.

So, future CEOs, hurry up and take out your vacuum cleaner to work~ With a hard-core attitude, do a material evaluation, here is the Huangjia evaluation, there is a group of professional, interesting, and serious friends waiting for you.

Producer: Yu Hao

Lead writer: Carl

Director: Carl

Photography: Ma Sheng, Feng Kai, Zhao Ruibin, Zhang Shuai

Editing: Chao Zhuang

Later period: Zhou Aiyan and Zhang Pengcheng

Vision: Cai Mengyao

Promotion: Yang Qian, Li Tingxuan, Zhang Shaoxing (internship) and Fang Xuzhu (internship)

Support: Li Zhiqin and Wu Yushuang



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AboutMicro News: No wide! Dyson/Midea/Mijia/Lake Jimmy/Delma Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Hengping | Huangjia Laboratory
No wide! Dyson/Midea/Mijia/Lake Jimmy/Delma Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Hengping | Huangjia Laboratory
No wide! Dyson/Midea/Mijia/Lake Jimmy/Delma Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Hengping | Huangjia Laboratory
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