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[Starter] Be alert! iPad Pro has these changes that it has become the core | Huangjia Reviews

[Starter] Be alert! iPad Pro has these changes that it has become the core | Huangjia Reviews


The new iPad Pro

Speaking of the brightest moment of Apple's spring conference this year, it is none other than Cook who put the M1 chip into the iPadPro. You must know that netizens between iPadPro and Mac have been thinking about it for many years. This time Apple is really playing a big game. Once the Mac is the same processor, everyone has more ideas. Anxious friends can't wait to connect the Mac product line directly. The pot is over. However, Apple is too good at whipping up the appetite. This conference only brings hardware products. We may have to wait for WWDC to get the answers to those whimsical ideas, so let’s talk about it with you today. Products.


M1 is coming

Let’s start with the Gaoguang M1. In order to visualize the performance improvement, I directly found the 2020 iPad Pro equipped with the A12Z chip to compare the running scores. At the same time, I also pulled the MacBookPro equipped with the M1 into the team to see how the same chip will perform in different product lines. There will be no difference.

In the GeekBench test, compared to the previous generation, the iPadPro with M1 has a 53% increase in single-core performance, 54% in multi-core performance, and a 75% increase in GPU performance. In the 3DMark WildLife test, the score has increased by 44% compared to the previous generation. The average frame rate is 9.1 higher; at the same time, compared with the M1MacBook Pro, there is not much difference without any restrictions. It can be said that compared with the previous generation iPad, the performance has improved significantly.

Translating these improvements to users is probably the legendary productivity increase: using LumaFusion to stack 3 4K videos plus various effects, and finally cutting these clips into 30 seconds 4K video rendering output, the speed of M1 is 3 faster than A12Z About seconds, of course, the experience of these materials and the difficulty of the later stage may not be enough for Pro. It seems that the improvement is relatively small, but when the amount of work increases, these gaps will become more obvious.

We also used Shapr3D to model an Apple Sanlitunmen store, and used AR to view it in a real environment. M1 will feel smoother throughout the modeling process, but this smoothness is the kind that you must experience in person to be aware of. The Huangjia evaluation has not thought of any good way to present it with video. You can also privately trust us to come up with ideas. , We can test it for everyone at any time.

At the same time, in the process of AR viewing, A12Z will drop frames after viewing for a period of time, and the machine will be heated obviously. I measured the temperature with an infrared camera. The highest temperature of the back of the iPadPro equipped with A12Z is ​​47.1, while the highest temperature of iPadPro equipped with M1 is At 40.2 degrees, it can be seen that the tested heat control of the M1 chip on the Mac is still retained on the iPadPro.

In short, under the current iPadOS ecosystem, the performance improvement that can be experienced during this period of use is a bit faster and smoother. To say that the performance gap with the previous generation is particularly obvious, it may have to wait for developers to squeeze the performance of M1. ; But then again, can an entry-level iPad render video? Of course. But the creator who pursues Pro doesn’t want Pro to be silkier and smoother, so that their creativity can respond to results as soon as possible. Friends who make videos and design in front of the screen may know that it’s not a problem to stop. But a project is always accompanied by a small lag, and things will not be so comfortable to do.

At the same time, for developers, the M1 pushes up the upper limit of the iPad ecosystem's performance, which also gives them a greater range of imagination, and they can add more interesting, crazy, and novel functions to their apps. When developers use code to maximize the performance of this M1 chip, the user experience must also be the ultimate.

Therefore, it is still too early to see that the actual improvement of the M1 to the iPadPro is still too early. Compared with any previous A-series chips, it has a greater potential on the mobile side in the future. Just as AirPodsPro brought spatial audio functions a year after the release, Apple will always bring new surprises to users through the continuous complementation of hardware and software. When the space left by the hardware is large enough, the subsequent completeness may be more enjoyable. .

Character centered

The improvement in the processing power of the M1 chip should be directly reflected in the function level of the character centering function. This generation of iPad Pro is equipped with a 12-megapixel 122-degree viewing angle ultra-wide-angle lens, and with machine learning technology, it can be used in the FaceTime process. Focus the lens on the subject and move with it. After actual testing, when the stand is 1 meter away from the iPadPro, the space for the characters to move laterally is about 2.5 meters, the lens can capture the test object, and when more people enter the lens, the iPadPro will automatically switch the close-up to the panoramic view. , And really able to pretend to be people, can be included in group photos.

This function is actually very easy to understand. It uses machine learning to recognize people and then crops the ultra-wide-angle lens, but the smoothness is beyond the imagination of the Huangjia evaluation, and the angle of view transfer is also very smooth, just like a camera teacher has been operating the mirror in the iPad Pro. At the same time The capture of characters is very fast.

Of course, we have also tested the compatibility of this feature. At present, WeChat and Dingding are still not supported. Video calls under these two applications are only a wide-angle view. I hope that app developers who support video calls and conferences can do it as soon as possible. Adaptation. In the future, online class teachers can also walk back and forth to write a blackboard. You can also draw a brain map at any time during a video conference. You don't need to be pinned to a chair. The usage scenarios are still quite rich.

Mini LED

It has been rumored for a long time that MiniLED is finally available on this generation of 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and it also brings XDR display capabilities to the iPad. In the current mainstream OLED and LCD materials used in mobile devices, since the LCD itself cannot emit light, a backlight layer is needed to brighten the screen. MiniLED, as the name suggests, turns the original larger LED light source into a more Mini light source, which is placed under the display layer. .

There were only 72 LED light sources on last year’s iPad Pro. Under this 12.9-inch screen, there are more than 10,000 LED light sources. At the same time, in order to increase the contrast, Apple has grouped these LED light sources into groups of 4 and divided them into more than 2500 local adjustments. The light area, directly adjusts the brightness according to the display content, so that the contrast ratio reaches 1 million:1, and Apple has also customized an ultra-thin optical film and a soft mirror to meet the thin and light design requirements of the iPadPro.

Some friends may want to ask, why not use self-luminous OLED directly, which is not already used very maturely on the iPhone? Here we will talk about the screen suffix XDR, which has higher peak brightness and higher contrast than HDR; and OLED as an organic light-emitting material, if you want to improve the brightness, you can only start with the base material. Samsung E4 light-emitting material is now being sought after by manufacturers. , The peak brightness of 600 nits on a notebook is far less than the 1600 nits peak brightness of the iPad Pro; and forcibly increasing the OLED brightness will also accelerate the problem of uneven pixel attenuation, causing the burn-in problem as the saying goes, so currently In terms of technology, OLED can’t meet Apple’s requirements for displaying XDR on large screens.

We found the same HDR video and played it at the same time as the previous generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro. It can be seen that in areas where the screen does not display, MiniLED will bring pure black like OLED, while ordinary LCD screens will still have backlighting, which makes the picture contrast. Not enough; at the same time, in the highlight part, MiniLED will indeed show more details, with better texture and level, while ordinary LCD is just a blob, and now Dolby Vision video shot with iPhone can be restored and watched on iPadPro.

Of course, these differences only exist when playing HDR content. In daily conditions, the screen brightness of the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro is still 600 nits. The full-screen brightness of 1000 nits and the peak brightness of 1600 nits require HDR excitation. If you don't need to create HDR video, or if you are a heavy user of true HDR video platforms such as TV+ and Netflix, then you will not notice much difference in normal use.

We also tested the power consumption performance of the two generations of products under HDR content, and watched an episode of TV + Dolby content for half an hour. When I thought that the new iPad Pro with higher brightness would definitely consume more power, both of them consumed power 7 %, the power consumption control is really good, this should also be attributed to M1.

industrial design

Finally, as for the most familiar appearance, it does not seem to have changed. The 12.9-inch thick one does not feel much to the touch. ApplePencil has not been updated. Last year's pen can continue to be used, and the current design should be within a period of time. The best design of tablet products will not change much in the short term.

This time the more eye-catching is the white magic keyboard. To be honest, it looks more fruity than the original black. There is no difference in function, but the difference in dirt resistance should be quite large. I actually tried it, and some of the daily dust and dirt can still be wiped off, but if the vegetable soup or the like is splashed on it, it is very likely that it will not be wiped off.

Finally, a friendly reminder, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is equipped with a magic keyboard, and the figure is still strong. It is no easier to take out than a 13-inch Pro. Friends who want to bring a keyboard for mobile office needs, it is best to choose the 11-inch version.

to sum up

This update of the iPadPro product line is especially like the combination of iPhonePro and ProMax last year. One meets the needs of Pro-level productivity, and the other is to explore the boundaries of mobile device productivity. Let me say that the future 12.9-inch iPadPro is not as good The suffix also adds a Max to make it clearer.

Of course, there is a memory difference after the M1 chip is equipped this year. If you choose the 1TB version up, you can also get an iPadPro Pro with 16GB of memory. You need to know that the larger the memory, you can run more apps at the same time. The screen + floating window is designed to open up to 3 apps simultaneously. This year WWDC will definitely further release the iPad's multitasking, making 16GB useful.

It’s impossible for everyone to directly port macOS to the iPad. Apple has always had a clear positioning of each of its product lines, providing users with more suitable products in different scenarios. Finally, the entire ecosystem will help users complete one thing together. Knowing that macOS and iPadOS are a family and there is no competition. What they have to do is to gain a firm foothold in their respective scenarios and face the competition in the market together.

At the same time, you can also think about it. The current soul of macOS is still the keyboard and mouse, which belongs to micro-manipulation. The presentation of information can be more intensive and richer. This is impossible to achieve on the iPad based on sliding and clicking logic. One point, adding a Magic Keyboard to iPadPro does not become a Mac, but it can become an iPadPro with richer usage.

To sum up the point of view: The Magic Keyboard on the iPad Pro is to be a better version of yourself, not to replace the Mac. We will wait and see if WWDC will face a face this year.

Editor in charge: Yang Qian PT045



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AboutMicro News: [Starter] Be alert! iPad Pro has these changes that it has become the core | Huangjia Reviews
[Starter] Be alert! iPad Pro has these changes that it has become the core | Huangjia Reviews
[Starter] Be alert! iPad Pro has these changes that it has become the core | Huangjia Reviews
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