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Why does Yongzheng value the "Old Thirteen" most? Called "the wise king of the country without such a public loyalty"?

Why does Yongzheng value the "Old Thirteen" most? Called "the wise king of the country without such a public loyalty"?


Film and television image of Yongzheng and Yinxiang

By Zhao Libo

In the eighth year of Yongzheng, (1730) the thirteenth son of Kangxi, Yunxiang, died of illness at the age of 45. Yongzheng issued a very painful decree to this "Old Thirteen", affirming his outstanding contributions in stabilizing Yongzheng’s succession to the throne and after the administration. Domineering, taking power, and in fact, Prince Lai Yi is quite independent of it, calming upright, and not wanting to be treacherous." "Shangyu Cabinet"

After he was allocated to the Taimiao, his posthumous title was named "Xian", and the word "Yun" in his name "Yunxiang" was changed back to "Yin", making Prince Yi the only courtier of the Qing Dynasty who could not avoid the emperor's taboo. One of them. In terms of the degree of intimacy between all the brothers in Yongzheng, this "Old Thirteen" is the closest to Yongzheng, and there is no one.

Kangxi film and television image

Yinxiang was born in the twenty-five years of Kangxi (1686). Kangxi praised him for "born with quintessence and excellent sex." When he grew up, he "submitted to kindness, first intent on purpose, and inadequate knowledge." At the beginning of the year, Kangxi always took Yinxiang with him every time he went on tour, "a good grace", but after the first abolition of the crown prince, Yinxiang was implicated and "trapped." He was eight years younger than Yongzheng. Although he was not born of the same mother, Yinzhen (Yongzheng) was ordered to teach Yinxiang arithmetic, "day and discussion", and every time he rebels outside the Great Wall, the two brothers must "depend on each other in form and shadow." In "The Collection of Essays Made by Emperor Sejongxian", after Yong Zhengqi's death, he fondly recalled the feelings of his brother Yiyi: "The virtuous brother is respectful of the brother, and my brother is deeply attached to the friendship of the brother."

Portrait of Yongzheng

At the beginning of Yongzheng's accession to the throne, it was necessary to deal with the Kangxi funeral ceremonies wholeheartedly, so Yinxiang was called to manage the three treasuries of the household department and was in charge of household affairs. In the third year of Yongzheng, he continued to delegate power to him and asked him to preside over the newly launched camp affairs in Zhili province, as the main pusher of the New Deal. At this stage, Yinxiang exerted his outstanding financial management ability and won praises from Yongzheng. He specially wrote a poem to him: "The manager pays for support and needs praise, and the water and soil play abundantly." "The Collection of Qing Shizong Poems"

In fact, Yinxiang's greatest contribution was the political turmoil at the beginning of Yongzheng's ascension. Yongzheng looked at many brothers, and no one stood firm with them except this "Old Thirteen". Prince Yi also received huge political rewards. Since then, he has often been used as a prince to preach decree, which shows that Yongzheng trusts him absolutely.

Yongzheng was very guarded against cronies, and when he encountered other ministers, he immediately suppressed them, but Dudu hoped that the local officials would take the initiative to approach Prince Yi Yinxiang. In a memorial to Qisule, Governor of the River Channel, Yong Zheng said: "I know that you have very little contact with Prince Yi, so I am now asking you to take over with him, because this is my idea. Don't be afraid. It will be good for you." To relieve his worries, Yong Zheng said to him: "Wang Gonglian is loyal, and he is the first person among contemporary kings and ministers, and you know it."

Yongzheng Zhupi

In order to fully promote the local government affairs, Yongzheng hopes that the local officials and Prince Yi will speed up the communication, and urgently demand that the local officials need to quickly move closer to Prince Yi. "Among the ministers of the kings and ministers who uphold justice and cherish talents for the country, Prince Yi is the only one. If Qing has any inconvenience to reach my trivial hidden feelings, Prince Yi can do his best to help Qing Zhouquan. Why doesn’t Qing Qing not worry about it without worrying about it!" "Memorial to Li Weijun of Zhu's Edict"

Not only that, Yongzheng later chatted with Li Wei, the most favored minister, and told him that the reason why you got my trust was that Prince Yi "strongly recommended before me, that I have excellent talents and good quality, and can be a great responsibility." That's why. Repeatedly used, "to make it the governor." Yongzheng attaches great importance to the selection of officials in the "Shangyu Cabinet". He often said that "the world is governed by the use of people, and the rest is the only thing that matters." He has conducted multiple assessments on officials recommended by local ministers and passed his own interviews. The rear can only be appointed, but the recommendation of Prince Yi is often not allowed to be used. He believes that Prince Yi will know people "there are many ways to recommend talents for the country." Even those who are severely punished by Yongzheng can get it under the recommendation of Prince Yi. Stand up. Yunli, the seventeenth son of Kangxi, was recognized by Yongzheng as participating in the struggle of the elder brothers at that time, and was being punished to guard the tomb. However, Yunxiang boldly recommended to Yongzheng: “Yunli has a righteous heart. He is a loyal emperor who understands the righteousness.” Yongzheng agreed with Yunxiang's opinion and turned from punishment to reuse. Since then, he has become one of the few who have power. Prince. When Nian Gengyao was used to preside over the Qinghai military, Longkedo did not want Nian Gengyao to continue to be reused. In order to fully support Yongzheng to quickly settle the war in the northwest and reduce expenditure, he suggested to Yongzheng: In the appointment of Nian Gengyao, he should listen to his expertise so that he can quickly play his skin skills."

Longkodo Film and Television Image

Yongzheng continued to burden him, and Yunxiang's government affairs became more and more important, from being responsible for the safety of Yongzheng's guards to the affairs of the House of Internal Affairs and the princes, and the management of the most important mausoleum in the Qing Dynasty. When choosing the site of the mausoleum for Yongzheng, Yinxiang went to great lengths to "comprehensively examine". He was afraid of disturbing the people, "every night before eating a meal." "Shangyu Cabinet"

Yongzheng said: “Prime Minister’s affairs, Wang Su is endless...As for military affairs, expenditures, water conservancy projects, water conservancy, supervise and lead the imperial army, in the palace, everything is fine and everything is handled by the king alone.” At the end of the summary, he said. : "All compromises in detail, in line with my heart." Nobuer fonts showed that Yongzheng was highly satisfied with his work ability.

If you gain the trust of Yongzheng just because of your excellent government affairs, you will be underestimated by the fusion of the two monarchs and ministers. The thirteen elder brothers who have experienced the "nine sons seizing the sons" are both witnesses and participants. He has already patted the railings of glory and power. In essence, Yinxiang's outstanding ability is close to Yongzheng. This is both an advantage and a risk. In all things Yinxiang is able to master a good degree of getting along with Yongzheng.

When Yinxiang was appointed the queen, Yongzheng had to give it according to the custom of two hundred thirty thousand taels he was entrusted to the king. However, Yunxiang resolutely resigned and did not have the same treatment as Yongzheng. In the end, he only accepted one hundred thirty thousand taels. Yongzheng gave him six items according to the usual practice. Yunxiang was determined not to accept it. Yongzheng had no choice but to equip him with more guards and soldiers. The more the "Shangyu Cabinet" is like this, the more courteous Yinxiang is. Yinxiang is neither well-known nor wealthy, as if the water of a clear spring is calm, he walks slowly.

Yinxiang Film and Television Image

What's interesting is that the more humble Yinxiang is, the more Yong Zheng felt that he should be given more benefits, and even asked him to choose a king from his sons. Yunxiang refused again, and Yongzheng could only give him a salary increase of 10,000 taels. Because of this "Old Thirteenth, keep his body with respect and integrity, stand on his own feet, and have no family budget." Yunxiang's political wisdom lies in the ability to handle the relationship between family affection and power. The higher the position, the greater the weight. More and more cautious, his steady and low-key performance is completely out of proportion to the healthy state of a middle-aged man. In the fourth year of Yongzheng (1726), Yongzheng personally wrote him a plaque to commend Yinxiang, in which he wrote: "Loyalty, honesty, honesty, diligence, and integrity" and explained that Yunxiang's loyalty is: "Justice but forgotten private, treat state affairs as family affairs, everywhere Appropriate, can work for me, and don’t bother me." When explaining the "Chen Dao" to his ministers, Yongzheng often used Yinxiang as a model for abiding by the Dao of the ministers, saying that he could do a lot of "loyalty, diligence and carefulness" since ancient times, but he can be like There are very few people who are "respectful and honest" like Prince Yi. This passage of Yongzheng can be described as the theory of heart-to-heart. Among the powerful ministers throughout the ages, those who have the ability to make major contributions are not uncommon, but they have always respected the emperor's famous officials who have no selfish desires.

Yongzheng film and television image

Perhaps in Yongzheng's mind, the old Shisan Yinxiang's "Wang Minister first" lies in his cautious and low-key; humble and pragmatic. There is no swelling of "Number One". "Number One" lies in the ability to ensure that he is only Yongzheng's hands in handling government affairs at any time, but does not involve any real power. "Each gracious gift, gains humility and fear, so the family member meets the sun."

When Prince Yi was seriously ill, Yongzheng "prayed for him", and Yongzheng "every time he wanted to come and see him in person", Yinxiang repeatedly pleaded with him. In order to prevent Yongzheng from worrying too much, Yinxiang endured his illness and "will be able to get in during the ten-month period." After the death of Yinxiang, Yongzheng became ill. He was deeply saddened, and he went to pay a memorial service and gave a high-level summary of his life, "Wang Shi can help me to order peace in the world, and I really rely on Wang Yi to promote peace.", "Since ancient times, there has been no public loyalty. The virtuous king of the country. "The trip of Zhang Tingyu and the princes of Shuo Yixian"

In his funeral specifications, he gave everything he could give. Yongzheng used his mansion savings to build a cemetery for Yinxiang. And continue to look after the descendants of Gu Yunxiang, "Any kind of grace that I have added to my brother, future generations shall not be arbitrarily reduced." "Yongzheng Record" encourages them to be like their father, "grateful and upward thoughts of Guocheng, and hope to be established in the future." In short, this old thirteen courtiers, who are most admired by Yongzheng, are both ministers and servants. They have achieved a classic past between the Yongzheng brothers and the courtiers, and have made the Qing Dynasty princes and ministers "for Tianhuangyi". The glory of ancient times." A good story.



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AboutMicro News: Why does Yongzheng value the "Old Thirteen" most? Called "the wise king of the country without such a public loyalty"?
Why does Yongzheng value the "Old Thirteen" most? Called "the wise king of the country without such a public loyalty"?
Why does Yongzheng value the "Old Thirteen" most? Called "the wise king of the country without such a public loyalty"?
AboutMicro News
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