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Black-hearted steel bars, clenbuterol sheep, false medical advertisements... Food, medicine, housing and transportation are all targeted at this year’s 315 party

  Black-hearted steel bars, clenbuterol sheep, false medical advertisements... Food, medicine, housing and transportation are all targeted a...


Black-hearted steel bars, clenbuterol sheep, false medical advertisements... Food, medicine, housing and transportation are all targeted at this year’s 315 party

Author: MA Xu Chen Hao Zhoudongyibo Source: Zongxiang News Selected manuscripts: Xie Sihe

Dongfang.com·Zongxiang News Reporter Ma Xu, Chen Haozhou, Dong Yibo

It's another year of "3.15 International Consumer Rights Day"! Face recognition, recruitment platforms, mobile phones for the elderly, clenbuterol, medical advertisements... What issues have you paid attention to this year's party? What are the potential harms of these problems? Not much to say, come and watch together!

Steal facial information? Be careful with these cameras

This year's CCTV 315 gala, the first person to be named was face recognition.

According to the party report, Kohler (China) Investment Co., Ltd. installed facial recognition cameras in its bathroom stores to capture personal information including gender and age. According to Wandianzhang, the manufacturer of the camera system, it can solve precision marketing through facial recognition information, and the total amount of facial data captured has reached hundreds of millions.

Another system manufacturer, "Yoloke" Technology, also has this technology, which can capture information without the customer's knowledge and perception, and can also manually add various tags, such as professional counterfeiters and reporters.

In addition, a BMW 4S store in Wuxi and a MaxMara store have problems installing face recognition cameras and collecting facial information.

According to public information, "Youluoke" launched a number of advanced artificial intelligence technologies such as face recognition, human form detection, mouse detection, behavior analysis, object recognition, ReID, etc., and successfully applied to different scenarios in various industries, making it a smart retail chain enterprise And the smart city social security prevention and control system provides operation management services to help them reduce costs and increase efficiency. Suzhou Wandianzhang Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. The company's technical team has created an efficient operation system for chain business operation and management, and has continued to provide services for more than 1,000 well-known brands and more than 300,000 stores.

You can download at will for money? Beware of personal resume leaks

The other side of the recruitment platform that provides help to job seekers has also been exposed by CCTV.

After registering a false corporate account on the Zhaopin recruitment platform and paying the fee, the resume of the job applicant can be downloaded. The content of the resume is detailed, and the applicant's name, gender, age, photo, contact information, work experience, education experience and other information are all available. Sellers can even accurately filter resumes based on information such as age, region, and graduate school according to user requirements.

Although Zhaopin recruitment claims that corporate users should not disclose resume information in any way. However, the downloaded resume information lacks management and monitoring, allowing it to flow into the black market on the Internet. Zhaopin also announced that it will not disclose the name and contact information of job applicants in search results, and job applicants don’t know. As long as they are willing to spend money, business users can download job applicants’ resumes without restriction, and they don’t. Know who downloaded your resume and what you did with it.

This kind of problem not only happened in Zhaopin.com, reporters also bought the resumes of job seekers from 51job and Liepin.

In May 2020, the Cybersecurity Detachment of the Public Security Bureau of Meishan City, Sichuan Province cracked a case of infringement of personal resume information. One of the suspect’s hard drives contained more than 7 million citizen resumes.

Kindly remind to clean up the memory? Beware of this scam

When Ms. Li, who is in her 70s, reads news and novels on her smartphone, some "safety prompts" are always popped up on the phone screen: "virus", "garbage", and "seriously insufficient memory". Following the prompts, Ms. Li cleaned the phone , But she found that the more these "safety tips" were cleaned up, the slower the phone was used.

A few days ago, experts from the Cybersecurity Center of the China Electronics Standardization Institute monitored this phenomenon. In a novel reading software, a “safety cleanup” prompt appeared during normal reading. After the staff clicked it, they downloaded and installed it. An app called "Memory Optimizer", the "Clean Phone Cache" reminder popped up during the automatic cleaning process. After clicking, the phone downloaded and installed the "Super Cleaner".

Constantly "remind, download, clean up", the same path repeats, and then "Smart Cleanup Master" and "Phone Manager PRO" are installed on the phone. However, after testing the "Mobile Phone Manager PRO", the testers found that this APP appears to be cleaning up mobile phone trash, but in fact, it is constantly secretly obtaining a large amount of information in the mobile phone.

Staff reminder: These data and information provide user portraits of old people and label them as groups that are "easy to be misled and induced". As a result, all kinds of vulgar, inferior, and even deceptive advertisements and content will be continuously pushed to the mobile phones of the elderly, causing some elderly people to be deceived.

Show up the true experience of treatment? Beware of false medical advertisements

Search for keywords such as "weight loss" and "low blood sugar" on the UC browser. The first few search results are netizens sharing their experience of curing the disease, and the words of advertisement are marked below. In the advertisement, netizens claimed that since they met a teacher, according to the prescription given by the teacher, blood sugar has stabilized and insulin has been stopped. In the article, the WeChat account of Teacher Hong has been highlighted many times.

But after adding the teacher's WeChat account, the other party briefly asked about the condition and turned around and recommended "White Back Panax Notoginseng Noni Fruit Powder." And this is just a normal food.

Not only the UC browser, but also many similar advertisements in 360 search. In recent years, the 315 party has reported on the issue of false advertising on the Internet many times. In March 2020, the State Administration for Market Regulation and other eleven departments jointly issued a notice, emphasizing the severe crackdown on health food, medical care, and medicines that are related to the health of the people. And false and illegal advertisements for property safety.

How did these ads change their appearance and get on the browser? At 360 Shanghai Advertising General Agent Jingge Network Technology Co., Ltd., the sales manager said: "There can be no brand on the website. Push WeChat to someone to chat, and sell the product after the chat." For such advertisements, many agents violate the regulations. The company knows it well. Even if the other party is not qualified, the advertisement can be put out.

Just provide a WeChat account and product type, and the agency quickly produced a self-report advertisement about weight loss and lowering blood sugar and an expert Q&A advertisement that asked doctors quickly. Experts are fictitious, and the curative effect is amazing. The comments are written in advance, and even the number of likes can be set as needed, and they can be uploaded after paying the money.

Breeding to add clenbuterol? Be careful of this kind of lamb

At three in the morning, at several agricultural product trading markets in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, some vendors did not sell mutton in the markets, but traded on nearby trucks. Vendors said that these lambs could not pass the test, and the sheep were fed medicine during the breeding process.

Lamb dealers said that the sheep came from Qingxian County. Qingxian County is an important sheep-raising base in Hebei Province, producing approximately 700,000 sheep every year. Regarding how to raise sheep, farmers in Qingxian County are basically silent about strangers. After being familiar with it for a long time, the farmer revealed to the reporter that the sheep here had added clenbuterol during the breeding process.

"Clenbuterol" will form residues in animal tissues, directly endangering the health of consumers after eating. Clenbuterol was banned as a veterinary drug and feed additive in my country in 2002. A feed salesman in Qingxian said that adding clenbuterol was "almost ten years old."

A sheep dealer said that sheep with clenbuterol "can only sell for 50 or 60 yuan more." During the transportation process, local people usually load a few sheep that have not been fed with clenbuterol on the sheep truck for inspection. The relevant departments of Qingxian County have been strictly investigating the illegal addition of clenbuterol, but the farmers said that they have various channels to get news in advance to respond.

The reporter bought lamb suspected to be from Qingxian County, Hebei from several sheep-carrying carts and shops near some agricultural products wholesale markets in Zhengzhou. The clenbuterol rapid test strips showed positive results.

Where are all these lamb being shipped? The person in charge of Hebei Tianyi Meat Industry Co., Ltd. said that Tianjin, Henan, and Wuxi, Jiangsu have customers.

Can steel bars also lose weight? Beware of these black-hearted building materials

In order to avoid inspection, Guangdong Kaisheng Iron and Steel Industry Co., Ltd. first purchased scrap steel bars from the outside, stored them in a warehouse, and then pulled them to a hidden factory 40 kilometers away for processing. After processing, they took all the troubles to the finished product warehouse for storage. , To be sold.

The location of the factory is very hidden, surrounded by an abandoned factory building, which can refurbish more than 30,000 tons of old steel bars a year. With such a large number of unqualified steel bars flowing into the market and being applied to various types of buildings, one can imagine the huge safety hazards. Media tracking found that these "slimming" steel bars were sold in Dongguan, Chaozhou, Jieyang and other markets.

The media followed a delivery truck full of refurbished steel bars to Dongguan, and the steel bars were delivered to the open space of this Tyco steel bar processing store. When asked whether the batch of steel bars were substandard and non-standard products, the salesperson Yaguchi deny. Not only did they deny it completely, but the sales staff actually came up with two certificates of conformity from different manufacturers.

Upon verification, the two companies both stated that they had nothing to do with the refurbished steel bar processing plant, and denied that they had issued a certificate of conformity to the batch of products.

Is there a tricky watch repair? Be careful with these charges

Watch magnetism is a common failure of mechanical watches, and the intuitive manifestation is that the time is inaccurate. An engineer from the National Watch Quality Supervision and Inspection Center said: "The normal maintenance of a magnetized watch only requires demagnetization by a degausser," which usually takes only one or two minutes.

In the CCTV survey, 11 famous watch repair centers in six cities have experienced the watches with only magnetic failures. Only one institution in Chengdu and Xi'an conducted degaussing repairs on the watches in accordance with the normal repair process, and did not charge any fees. . The remaining 9 companies paid high maintenance costs ranging from 450 yuan to 2390 yuan.

The so-called repair items include: ① replacement of parts; ② comprehensive maintenance and cleaning; ③ even violent damage to parts and components forcibly repaired, etc.

Two watches with only degaussing faults were repaired at the customer service center on the 21st floor of the Changsha International Financial Center. Engineers from the National Watch Quality Supervision and Inspection Center found that “the watch movement has not been disassembled, and the so-called cleaning, maintenance, and replacement parts are also "I haven't done it", so the watch was simply demagnetized, and I lay in the shop overnight. The repair fee of 2,390 yuan was easily paid to the account, which is a good example of "white wolf with empty gloves".

The same repair process is also performed in other repair centers. The watch repair center on the 27th floor of Shenzhen Jingji 100 Building charged 1860 yuan for hairspring plus cleaning and maintenance; the famous watch repair center on the 22nd floor of Beijing Fuer Building charged 1600 yuan for hairspring . As for the real malfunction of the watch magnetization, the maintenance personnel of the two companies kept silent, but coincidentally specified the item of "watch demagnetization" in the free item column of the repair order.

In the watch repair center on the 7th floor of Guangzhou Wanling International Center, the repair process is even more bizarre: the repairer opened the cover and after a vigorous action, the watch began to make abnormal noises, which really caused serious malfunctions...

Is the gearbox rusty? Be careful with merchants shirk responsibility

The "Ford Wing Stroke" that Mr. Wang has been using normally suddenly encountered difficulties in starting and suffered serious setbacks during driving. The maintenance staff of the 4S shop claimed that the gearbox was rusted due to water ingress. The car has passed the warranty period, and the maintenance cost of 16,000 yuan needs to be borne by him.

Many Ford owners have encountered the same problem: There is no vehicle that is wading, but the gearbox is flooded, and the rusty is malfunctioning. Why is that?

In another 4S shop where Mr. Chen, a consumer who encountered the same problem, had been to, the media kept asking the maintenance staff that there was a hole in the rain plate. If it is not blocked, water will drip from here. In the place where the gearbox and the engine are docked. While the 4S shop allowed the owner to repair the gearbox at his own expense, he quietly patched up the leaks on the rain catchment plate.

In response to this design flaw, manufacturers have a solution as early as March 2020. This 4S shop staff told reporters that the solution issued to them by the Ford manufacturer was an internal notice. Obviously it is a design flaw, and 4S shops everywhere have all the responsibility to the car owners.

As for why the car owners are not proactively informed, according to Changan Ford's solution, vehicles with corresponding faults will be quietly remedied during maintenance, but owners who are still using the vehicle do not know that the vehicle has such a safety hazard.

Frequent failures and "give sealing fees"? Watch out for Infiniti gearboxes

The Infiniti QX60 two-wheel drive premium version purchased by Mr. Liu spent 500,000 yuan. Within two years, due to abnormal noise and gearbox failure, the gearbox was replaced three times in the 4S shop for free. This is actually just the tip of the iceberg. More and more Infiniti owners find that their cars have problems: abnormal noises, throttle failures, and brake failures. The owner called "particularly horrible".

In a 500-member car-friend group, more than 200 cars have broken down. In this regard, the solution given by the manufacturer is to replace the gearbox, but this has not completely solved the problem. Many people have replaced the gearbox two or three times but the problem remains.

Infiniti QX60 gearbox failures continue to appear, and car owners repeatedly asked 400 customer service and 4S stores for explanations. The media followed the same car owner to the 4S shop. The staff said to extend the warranty period for the car owner up to ten years, but required the car owner to sign an agreement with the 4S shop. This agreement will impose some restrictions on the car owner. The staff said that after signing, you should not go to the media again. Because they think the problem has been solved.

But this agreement is not aimed at all car owners, and more car owners are still kept in the dark. The extended warranty signed by Infiniti 4S stores and car owners ranges from 2 to 20 years, and the duration of the extended warranty depends on the strength of the owner’s rights protection. Some car owners said that if there is a lot of trouble, it will be longer, if there is less trouble, then it will be shorter. If there is no trouble, the insurance will not be extended. Does some car owner think that this agreement is a "hush money"?



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AboutMicro News: Black-hearted steel bars, clenbuterol sheep, false medical advertisements... Food, medicine, housing and transportation are all targeted at this year’s 315 party
Black-hearted steel bars, clenbuterol sheep, false medical advertisements... Food, medicine, housing and transportation are all targeted at this year’s 315 party
AboutMicro News
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