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"I am an anti-fraud preacher, I was defrauded of 180,000 yuan"

  Source: Jiangsu News (jstvjsxw)   Recently, a woman in Changzhou    Encountered telecommunications fraud and was defrauded of 180,000.    ...

 Source: Jiangsu News (jstvjsxw)

  Recently, a woman in Changzhou

  Encountered telecommunications fraud and was defrauded of 180,000.



  She has received anti-fraud propaganda by the police many times,

  I have also cooperated with the police

  Wrote anti-fraud propaganda slogans and copywriting,

  Planned anti-fraud campaigns,

  And participated in anti-fraud sketches.

  What kind of deception,

  Will the anti-fraud preacher also be fooled?


  In the afternoon of May 6,

  The victim Xiaoyan went to the Public Security Bureau to report to the police,

  She received an unfamiliar call at noon that day ,

  The other party claimed to be the customer service of a financial platform.

  The customer service staff told Xiaoyan,

  She used the platform’s campus loan when she was in college ,

  If you do not cancel, it will affect the subsequent credit investigation.


  Xiaoyan recalled,

  I lent my ID card to classmates when I was in college,

  The classmate seemed to be going to check the order at the time.

  So she unconsciously

  Just connect the two things together.

  At this time,

  Xiaoyan successively received many emails from the other party.

  There are various heads up inside

  "China Banking Regulatory Commission"

  Screenshots like this.


  Believe she is true

  I downloaded an APP as required,

  Make voice contact with the other party,

  And follow the other party's instructions

  Operated deposits on multiple bank accounts.


  "To empty the quota and smash the accounts,

  Finally found out,

  In fact, it is cash transfer. "

  In two hours,

  Xiaoyan is like a puppet manipulated by people,

  180,000 yuan in multiples

  Call to the account provided by the other party.


  Xiaoyan said,

  Speaking of the experience of being deceived,

  It's a little bit slow.

  She used to hear that someone was scammed by telecommunications

  Still feel incredible,

  I always feel that I have engaged in anti-fraud propaganda,

  I also acted in this aspect of the show,

  But after encountering this incident,

  Still accidentally hit.

  "Also thought it was ridiculous,

  How can you be deceived?

  In fact, after experiencing this time,

  I feel scared first,

  The second is that the tricks of the liar are indeed clever. "


  Xiaoyan said,

  Liars are well versed in psychology,

  Grasp every step of the fraud process,

  The speed of speech, the rhythm is very fast,

  Makes people feel very nervous,

  There is no time to think.

  "I'm a little bit slow,

  He urged me to say that there is no time,

  The transfer interface will be outdated,

  There is a slight delay of even two seconds,

  Immediately urge, and immediately give way. "



  The scammer used cloud conference software when scamming,

  Anything Xiaoyan does on the screen

  Are all under the surveillance of the other party,

  But she didn't realize it herself.



  The police have been involved in the investigation.

  The police said,

  There are many types of "electric fraud",

  And it’s constantly being updated,

  The skills of a liar must not be underestimated,

  Everyone must not be credulous

  Anyone who asks you to transfer money.

  Further reading

  Very insulting! After compiling numerous telecom fraud news, the post-90s editor was defrauded of 50,000 yuan

  When I realized that I was cheated, my first reaction was: I want to write a manuscript to expose you! Expose you!

  If this 50,000 yuan can give any reader a reminder, I can be regarded as a media person, the last point is "decent".

  First, make a brief self-introduction: media people born in the 90s have been engaged in journalism since 2015. For the past six years, it is not an exaggeration to say that thousands of news have been seen and handled every day. All kinds of news involving fraud, especially telecommunications fraud, have long been commonplace, and I don’t take it seriously: "Is anyone believed in this?"

  But this time, I believed it.

  The following is a series of "magic" events that I experienced in a warm spring afternoon...

  How a media person was deceived by 50,000

  The whole thing will start at 13:47 pm on April 16, when I received a phone call to talk about it.

  When I did more transcripts at 8pm, I discovered that the phone number starts with +244 (Angola?!). This kind of weird phone number could never be picked up by me in the past. Even if I answer it, it will be picked up by me. See through the scam quickly.

  After all, I used to be a person who can ridicule liars...

  Here is the first mistake I made: pick up calls from unfamiliar numbers at will. 
The whole scam is an old-fashioned "script killing" that "pretends to be a public prosecutor."

  I received a call from a "a policeman in the Household Registration Section of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau," stating that my passport had an illegal entry record in Nanjing and it was urgently needed to deal with it.

  I originally wanted to call 110 for verification. Because it was convenient to be lazy, I agreed to the other party's suggestion to transfer me directly to the "Nanjing Police".

  Here is the second mistake I made: I didn't check the incident by hitting 110 myself, it was nice to be lazy for a while...well.

  After the call was connected to the so-called "Nanjing Police", the other party checked some of my personal information, and it was precisely because the other party had too precise information that made me relax my vigilance.

  Soon, the so-called "illegal entry" of mine was dealt with.

  Unexpectedly, the front is just fog bombs.

  The other party sent me a "case number", saying that a temporary login portal could be opened for me to view my case information. As soon as I opened it, a "wanted warrant" with my ID photo and detailed personal information popped up, saying that I was suspected of being involved. Money laundering. 
If I want to prove my innocence, I must register and check the property under my name. Let me transfer the traceable property to the so-called "secure account".

  Under the control of the liar's words and skills, my actions were obviously faster than thinking. I followed their requirements step by step and transferred nearly 30,000 yuan.

  Here is the third mistake I made: the money and the so-called "secure accounts" were all scammers, but I didn't react at the time.

  As long as the liar still has a little conscience, he can stop.

  Obviously, with a little bit of conscience, they would not be a liar.

  The scammer pretended to be a "prosecutor" on the grounds that some of the lending platforms were suspected of being involved in this case, and asked to check my quotas on various online lending platforms, and once again tricked me into making loans and transfers. I was "indebted" by more than 20,000 yuan.

  During the whole process of being deceived, I was asked to transfer the venue several times by the other party on the grounds that the case was secretly involved. Finally, I was transferred to the elevator room of a certain shopping mall. During the whole process, the responding party requested to turn on “screen sharing”. ", leading to further leakage of personal information.

  Here is the fourth mistake I made: when the other party asked to move to a quiet and unmanned place, there must be a problem.

  When I was cheated, the world was in a mess...

  When I realized that I was cheated and hung up the conversation with the liar, I saw about 20 missed calls, dozens of WeChat messages, dozens of other unread messages... The whole world is looking for me, it's just too late late.

  Sitting in the elevator, I looked at the news in a daze, but I also confirmed the fact: in the 6th year of journalism, I had lived as a "news party"... 
I went back to 5 minutes as soon as possible. The unit in the distance met the staff of the anti-fraud center that detected that I had logged on to the fraud site, and tried to stop me. Under their guidance, they quickly went to the police station in the jurisdiction where I was deceived to report the case.

  But here, I also made a mistake: when I realized that I was cheated, I had to report to the nearest police station immediately. The probability of recovering the money would increase a lot.

  Throughout the reporting process, several civilian police and auxiliary police have been comforting and enlightening me while understanding the situation. But in fact, the victim, I, has a calm mind, and even a little bit wants to go home and write a manuscript! 
Out of professional habit, the only thing I can do in the whole thing is: I almost recorded all kinds of information in the whole process of being deceived in the interview book, including but not limited to the identity information used by the scammers, QQ number, transfer bank card number, etc. used for communication. Because the records were too detailed, even the assistant policeman who made the transcript said: "It doesn't need to be so detailed."

  Alas, I hope that these small details will be helpful to the detection of the case, and I wish the scammers an early sunset! 
Post-disaster reconstruction: After being deceived, I was "dead"

  In the process of cooperating with the investigation at the police station, I became a "net celebrity" in the circle of friends. What awaited me was a large-scale "social death".

  A media person who has watched all the world's situations and capsized the ship in the gutter, there is probably no more "absurd" plot than this.

  even! even! !

  After a friend watched the whole process of my being deceived from the "God's perspective", a total of 8 VLOGs were recorded, and a 360-degree "recovery" of my experience was carried out without dead ends. 
At the end of the text, I remind everyone: the following situations are all liars!

  1. It is impossible for public security organs to transfer calls by any department. Those who can transfer calls to public security organs must be crooks.

  2. Public security organs will not make online transcripts through social software such as telephone, QQ, WeChat, etc. When handling the case on the phone, the victim saw that he wanted to be a liar.

  3. The public, procuratorate and legal agencies do not have a "secure account". Anyone who asks to transfer money to a "secure account" is a scammer.

  Acknowledgements: Thanks to everyone who cares about me

  First of all, thank the police at the Anti-Fraud Center.

  When they monitored that I logged into the fraudulent website, they contacted me, my unit, and my family in various ways as soon as possible, and sent police to search for my traces around the unit, hoping to dissuade me as soon as possible.

  There is also a young lady from the policeman. From 14:00 to 23:00, she found out that I was cheated. She kept dialing my phone repeatedly to learn about the situation, and she told me in a soft voice. 
Secondly, thank my unit and colleagues.

  When the police contacted the unit, almost all colleagues who had no emergency work at hand were trying to find me in various ways to prevent me from being deceived.

  And, I am very grateful to an unnamed colleague Ms. Wang who recorded this process in detail, because she not only kept looking for me, but also called the police with me and invited me to dinner. 
Nothing can be solved by a skewers meal! If so, she said she could treat me to another meal.

  Finally, thank my parents.

  After all, I have been reduced to a "grabbing old clan", thank them for not blaming me, they have been helping me find a way to deal with the aftermath.

  At the end, I hope everyone will take a warning. I also hope that there is no fraud in the world.



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AboutMicro News: "I am an anti-fraud preacher, I was defrauded of 180,000 yuan"
"I am an anti-fraud preacher, I was defrauded of 180,000 yuan"
AboutMicro News
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