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10 things you must know after the first shot of the new crown vaccine

10 things you must know after the first shot of the new crown vaccine


10 things you must know after the first shot of the new crown vaccine

Image source: CCTV NewsImage source: CCTV News

As of June 8, 2021, my country’s new crown vaccine has received more than 800 million doses, of which more than 700 million people have completed the first dose. That is to say, more than half of the Chinese people have already received a vaccine and participated This unprecedented group immunization campaign was carried out.

Presumably you have just finished the first shot. If not, please send the article to the little brother/sister on your left. After all, one of the two Chinese people got the first shot. It’s either you or TA. .

After the first shot, it is just the beginning of the new crown vaccine. You may have encountered some new problems after the vaccination...

Don't worry, Dr. Dingxiang has invited an expert to answer.


Why does someone only get one shot

Do I still need the second and third shots?

How many shots are needed depends on the type of vaccine you get.

At present, the domestically used new crown vaccines are divided into 3 categories and 7 races: adenovirus vaccine (1 shot, only 1 type), inactivated vaccine (2 shots, 5 types, the latest approved is the Institute of Biology, Kunming Medical Academy) Vaccine), recombinant subunit vaccine (3 doses, only 1 type).

How many injections are needed, how many doses each time, the interval between injections, age range...There are strict clinical trials and research behind it.

Strictly follow the recommended procedure to complete the vaccination. It is very necessary to get as many shots as needed.

For example, after the first dose of the inactivated vaccine, it can stimulate the human immune system to produce an immune response and play a mobilization role, but the level of antibodies produced is low and the duration is short. After the second injection, the immune memory response can be activated, and higher levels of antibodies can be produced quickly and in large quantities to achieve good preventive effects.

Is it possible that a few more stitches will be needed in the future? Scientists are still studying the duration of immune protection of these three vaccines.

If follow-up research results show that the protection provided by the vaccine is no longer enough and needs to be boosted, then more doses may be needed.


Can a different brand of new crown vaccine be used for the second shot?

As mentioned above, the current COVID-19 vaccine is divided into 3 categories and 7 small species.

The general principle is: different "types" of new coronavirus vaccines cannot be mixed, and different "types" of the same "type" can be mixed under special circumstances.

In other words, adenovirus vaccines, inactivated vaccines, and recombinant subunit vaccines cannot be mixed.

There are examples of different types of new crown vaccines mixed in foreign countries, some are clinical studies, and some are helpless. At present, it seems that there is a lack of sufficient safety and effectiveness data results, and preliminary analysis shows that adverse reactions have increased. In the current situation where the supply of vaccines can still be guaranteed, different types of hybrids are still not needed.

However, the new coronavirus vaccines from different manufacturers of the same type, such as the new coronavirus inactivated vaccines produced by Beijing Biotech, Wuhan Biotech and Beijing Kexing, can be considered in some special circumstances, such as cross-regional vaccination and temporary shortage of vaccines from this manufacturer. Replace each other's vaccination.


What if I don’t get the second shot at the time?

How long can it be postponed at the latest?

Don't panic. If you don't get the second shot on time, it doesn't mean that the first shot is in vain. Just go for vaccination as soon as possible.

It is recommended that the vaccination interval between the 2 doses of the inactivated vaccine be ≥3 weeks, and the second dose should be completed as soon as possible within 8 weeks. If you have not received the second dose for more than 8 weeks, you do not need to re-vaccinate the first dose, and you can still get the second dose as soon as possible.

Recombinant subunit vaccine requires 3 doses. The second dose should be completed within 8 weeks after the first dose, and the third dose should be completed within 6 months after the first dose. In case it exceeds 6 months, it is only necessary to replant the unfinished doses.

Delaying vaccination will still have the cumulative immunization effect of the vaccine, and the first shot will not be wasted. Therefore, there is no saying that it is completely useless after a long time. The vaccination should be completed as soon as possible at any time.

However, before completing the entire procedure, it is likely that the desired immune effect has not been achieved, and it is still a semi-protected state with a higher risk, so try not to postpone it.


Finished the first shot

Can I get the second shot in another place?

In theory it can.

At present, my country has no geographical restrictions on the vaccination of the new coronavirus. If you go to other cities after the first shot, you can arrange for the second dose of vaccination in your new residence.

Image source: Zhankuhailuo

Image source: Zhankuhailuo

Of course, whether the vaccination can be successful and how long you need to wait depends on the specific circumstances of the local vaccine supply, appointment method, and vaccination organization. It is recommended to consult the local disease control department as soon as possible.


There is a rash after the first injection, is it an allergy?

Can I get a second shot?

The rash is not necessarily an allergy and requires a doctor to judge.

There are many reasons for skin rashes, allergies are just one of them.

If a rash occurs after vaccination, especially an acute and wide-ranging rash, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time. The doctor will determine the type, severity, and cause of the rash and take measures to deal with it.

If the doctor suspects that it is an allergic rash caused by an allergy to the vaccine, then this is a contraindication to the new coronavirus vaccine, and the subsequent unfinished vaccine cannot be vaccinated. In addition, it is recommended that allergy sufferers report their allergies after vaccination to the vaccination hospital.


Discomfort after the first shot

Is it a side effect of the vaccine? what do I do?

The discomfort is also not necessarily due to the vaccine, it is recommended to be judged by the doctor.

Adverse reactions that occur after vaccination are called "suspected vaccination abnormal reactions." Some are related to the vaccine, and some just happen right after the vaccination, which is a coincidence in time.

Judging the relationship between vaccination and adverse reactions is a very professional matter. It requires a detailed investigation. It requires doctors who are very familiar with the vaccine and the characteristics of the disease to study and discuss to arrive at a diagnosis.

Therefore, if you experience physical discomfort after vaccination, it is suspected to be a side effect of the vaccine. While actively seeking medical treatment, you must also report to the vaccination hospital/place.

1. If the discomfort is just a coincidence, you can get the second shot normally after the body recovers;

2. If it is a common minor adverse reaction of the vaccine, such as redness, swelling, pain, malaise, fever, etc. at the vaccination site, it usually disappears on its own. The second dose of vaccine can also be vaccinated as usual.

3. Don't panic if the situation is serious. Experts from the vaccination agency will judge whether there are side effects and how to treat them in the future.

Judging from the currently published data, the incidence of reported adverse reactions of the new crown vaccination is 11.86/100,000 doses, mainly due to general adverse reactions such as high fever, induration and swelling at the inoculation site. The incidence of serious adverse reactions is 0.07/100,000 doses. .


What should I do if I find that I am pregnant after the first injection?

Don't worry, it's okay, the baby can ask for it.

The "Technical Guidelines for New Coronavirus Vaccination" issued by the National Health Commission clearly pointed out: After vaccination, it is found that you are pregnant or you are vaccinated without knowing that you are pregnant. It is not necessary to terminate the pregnancy, just do a pregnancy examination and follow-up. .

Image source: Zhankuhailuo

Image source: Zhankuhailuo

This conclusion is based on three reasons:

1. After a large number of new crown vaccines have been vaccinated, it has not been found to cause adverse effects on pregnant women and fetal development.

2. Refer to the research conclusions of other inactivated vaccines and recombinant subunit vaccines with a long history of use. For example, the tetanus vaccine, flu vaccine, and hepatitis B vaccine can be vaccinated during pregnancy, and after being vaccinated by the pregnant mother, it will also have a certain protective effect on the fetus.

3. The vaccines currently found to affect the fetus are live attenuated vaccines such as varicella vaccine and rubella vaccine. The new coronavirus vaccine does not contain live new coronavirus.

In summary, it is found that the pregnancy can continue to be pregnant, and regular prenatal check-ups can be performed regularly according to the requirements of the obstetrician.

However, the second dose of the new crown vaccine is recommended to be postponed, and the vaccination will be considered after delivery or the end of the lactation period.


Can I continue breastfeeding after vaccination?

Will it affect the baby's development?

Inactivated vaccines and recombinant subunit vaccines can continue breastfeeding, and adenovirus vaccines should be cautious.

If you are vaccinated with an inactivated vaccine or a recombinant subunit vaccine, there is no risk that your baby will be infected with the new coronavirus. At present, it has not been found that breastfeeding after vaccination will cause any adverse effects on the baby.

From the experience of other inactivated vaccines, breastfeeding after vaccination will not affect the health of the baby, nor will it affect the growth and development of the baby. Instead, stopping breastfeeding may affect the growth and development of the baby. Therefore, it is not recommended to interrupt breastfeeding until there is no clear evidence of adverse consequences, and normal breastfeeding can continue.

However, there is currently a lack of safety data on the use of adenovirus vaccines in breastfeeding populations, and it is not recommended to inoculate adenovirus vector vaccines during breastfeeding.


Someone in Guangdong got a vaccine and got infected

Does this mean that the vaccine doesn't work?

The vaccine does not prevent 100% infection, but it does not mean it is ineffective.

Due to individual differences, no matter what type of new crown vaccine, some people will not achieve the preventive effect after vaccination.

These patients who received a single shot in the Guangdong epidemic also partially reflected the immune effect of the vaccine.

According to Lei Chunliang, Dean of the Eighth Hospital Affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University, "In this local infection case, four patients were found to have received the first shot of the new crown vaccine. Before the second shot, they were infected. . And as long as one shot has been vaccinated, even if the complete vaccination is not completed, the condition is not serious.”

If these 4 patients have completed all vaccinations, they may have milder symptoms and may not even be infected.

Complete the vaccination as soon as possible according to the procedure, and you can get immune protection as soon as possible. This is always the key point for vaccinating the new crown vaccine.


The news says someone in Japan was given two shots at once

Will it be dangerous if it happens to me?

Image source: CCTV News

Image source: CCTV News

This shouldn't happen in China. Well, in case, if it happens, you deserve a bow and apology...

Two injections at the same time mainly affect the immune effect, but there is basically no problem with safety. When my country first vaccinated against the new coronavirus, people who needed to go abroad used an immunization program of two injections at a time, and the immunization effect was naturally inferior to the vaccination program with an interval of more than 14 days. Therefore, this method of vaccination has long since been discontinued.

For two doses of vaccine at the same time or two doses within 14 days due to a mistake, it is recommended to add another dose of vaccine 3 weeks after the second dose.


I'm afraid of pain, I don't want to get a second shot...

Let me start with the good news. From the limited research data, the pain response of the second shot of this new crown vaccination is slightly smaller than that of the first shot.

But it is inevitable that friends who are sensitive to pain are still quite embarrassed to have another injection. Some fans gave us such an idea, let's see if it can be used as a reference.

Image source: Dr. Dingxiang's Weibo comment

Image source: Dr. Dingxiang's Weibo comment

For example, this kid is very experienced.

Image source: soogif.com

Image source: soogif.com

Well, the problems after the first shot of the new crown vaccine have been resolved. If you need further vaccinations, please remember to attend the appointment as required. If you can personally participate in the largest vaccination project in human history, just think about it, and please make sure to do it well.



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AboutMicro News: 10 things you must know after the first shot of the new crown vaccine
10 things you must know after the first shot of the new crown vaccine
10 things you must know after the first shot of the new crown vaccine
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