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Staying up the deepest night, watching the earliest sun, hitting the workers, has your sleep KPI reached the standard?

Staying up the deepest night, watching the earliest sun, hitting the workers, has your sleep KPI reached the standard?

 See science and understand life

The work during the day is the same,

The night of hitting the workers was wonderful.

No matter if you are addicted to mobile games,

Party A still lost his hair,

There is always a way,

Let sleep away from home.

For many hitters, the quality of sleep in the classroom when they were young has long become a fond memory that cannot be recovered. A "China Sleep Index Report" shows that the average sleep duration of Chinese people in 2020 is only 6.69 hours, which is an average of 2 hours less than in 2013. Among them, the average sleep time of takeaway riders, couriers, medical staff, and self-media practitioners is only 3 to 6 hours, and falling asleep in the early morning is even more common.

You fell asleep

May also be experiencing insomnia

Many people believe that insomnia is the only way to sleep. In fact, even if a person can fall asleep smoothly, they may have insomnia. Insomnia mainly has the following four types of manifestations:

Difficulty in falling asleep is mainly manifested in that it is time to fall asleep. Although you desire to fall asleep, you still cannot fall asleep for more than 30 minutes.

Persistent sleep difficulty is manifested by repeated awakenings during sleep, which takes a long time to wake up, and some people even have difficulty falling asleep again.

Early awakening is manifested as waking up before the expected time, and the total sleep time is significantly reduced.

Poor sleep quality is manifested by not being able to regain energy after waking up and feeling tired.


Long-term insomnia can cause many health problems, including endocrine dysfunction, diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia, menstrual disorders, etc.; immune function declines, infectious diseases, tumors, etc.; cognitive decline, work and learning ability decline, Poor memory, etc.; cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, digestive system diseases, depression, anxiety, etc.

Hit worker's sleep

Who was "stolen" by him

Workers who are surrounded by the Internet, mobile phones and work 24 hours a day have difficulty separating work and life completely, and their sleep has also been "stolen" unknowingly.

"Thief No. 1": Bad emotions.

Everything you can't let go of, your unfinished heart will evolve into late night anxiety, lingering in your mind.

Emotional, mental, and psychological factors have a great influence on sleep. Excessive work pressure on workers can lead to unhealthy emotions such as tension, anxiety, depression, etc., which may lead to problems such as difficulty falling asleep and awakening during sleep.

The years are quiet, just because someone is carrying the burden for everyone in the middle of the night.

Due to the nature of the work, some workers need to work shifts, such as medical staff, people's police, long-distance drivers, etc. They often reverse their day and night and cannot maintain a normal biological clock, causing a disorder of the biological rhythm, which affects sleep.

How bold the oath to go to bed is, how loud the face is.

Insomnia is when we have the desire and condition to sleep, but cannot sleep. There is also a phenomenon in modern life: not sleeping when it is time to go to bed. There is a time for sleep and conditions for sleep, but subjectively not wanting to sleep, this is called sleep deprivation. Whether it is working overtime, playing mobile phones, playing games, or "scrolling drama", young people can find countless reasons to stay up late. However, staying up late is refreshing, and sleep will not get better. Falling asleep too late, and getting up to work normally the next day, sleep time will inevitably decrease. If things go on like this, a series of problems caused by lack of sleep will follow one after another.

It needs to be pointed out that people who stay up late and sleep irregularly are often potential people with sleep disorders, and they are at greater risk of suffering from sleep disorders in the future.

Your sleep KPI

Has it reached the standard?

How can a worker who has a KPI of liver attack day and night know whether his sleep KPI is up to the standard?

If you want to make a more accurate judgment on sleep, you need to go to the hospital to monitor night sleep through professional sleep monitoring equipment. Filling in the sleep scale can also help you judge your sleep. However, these methods are more complicated. Here, I will introduce you a relatively simple self-test method, only need to observe 3 points.

Timing of sleep every day The best time to fall asleep is around 10 o'clock in the evening, and should not exceed 11 o'clock at the latest. If you often go to bed after 12 o'clock, your sleep quality must be poor.

Duration of sleep Adults generally need 7 to 8 hours of sleep. If the sleep time is too short, 3 to 4 hours a day, or if the time is too long, 10 hours a day is still sleepy, it means that there is a problem with sleep and you need to go to the hospital for professional examination and treatment.

Feelings after waking up If you go to bed very early and have enough sleep time, but you always feel sleepy, sleepy, lack of energy, headaches, and memory loss when you wake up, you also need to seek the help of a professional sleep doctor.

Sleep self-help guide

you deserve to have

For mild sleep problems, we can solve them by adjusting our lifestyle and improving the sleeping environment.


Ensure a regular schedule and fall asleep at 10 to 11 o'clock in the evening. Many people like to look at their mobile phones before going to bed. The blue light emitted by the mobile phone's screen can inhibit the brain's secretion of melatonin, which has the effect of inducing and maintaining sleep. Therefore, it is recommended not to bring the mobile phone into the bedroom before going to bed, so as not to affect sleep.


Reduce mood swings, relax your mood, and avoid thinking about unpleasant things before going to bed. After finishing the day's work, between work and before going to bed, set a psychological "buffer" for yourself, let go of thinking about work, and relax yourself.


Appropriate physical exercise can be carried out during the day. Consume a certain amount of physical strength and help sleep at night.


Create a comfortable sleeping environment and avoid the interference of sound and light on sleep. Increasing the comfort of bedding can also help improve sleep quality.

If sleep problems cannot be relieved or continue to worsen, you need to go to the hospital for treatment.

What needs to be reminded is that do not take sleeping pills by yourself when you have sleep problems, and you must take the medicines as prescribed by your doctor. Some people take health products such as melatonin on their own. Improper use of melatonin can affect the secretion of human sex hormones and immune function. In addition, the time for the melatonin supplemented by exogenous sources to produce an effective concentration may not completely match the time of human work and rest, so the sleep aid effect will be different from the melatonin secreted by the body itself. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully choose health products such as melatonin.

Interviewed experts|Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Capital Medical University

Guo Xiheng, Director of Respiratory Sleep Center

Author|Liang Jing

Audit|Experts from the National Health Science Expert Database

Wang Bei, director of the Department of Sleep Medicine, the Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University



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AboutMicro News: Staying up the deepest night, watching the earliest sun, hitting the workers, has your sleep KPI reached the standard?
Staying up the deepest night, watching the earliest sun, hitting the workers, has your sleep KPI reached the standard?
Staying up the deepest night, watching the earliest sun, hitting the workers, has your sleep KPI reached the standard?
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