--> This teapot is more expensive than gold and has been popular in China for hundreds of years. Now it is reappearing in the world. | AboutMicro News
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This teapot is more expensive than gold and has been popular in China for hundreds of years. Now it is reappearing in the world.

This teapot is more expensive than gold and has been popular in China for hundreds of years. Now it is reappearing in the world.


This teapot is more expensive than gold and has been popular in China for hundreds of years. Now it is reappearing in the world.

Those who love tea can't live without a teapot.

The world admires the purple clay pot as the "first tea set in the world" because the purple clay pot is one of the most ideal tea sets.

The purple clay teapot has the characteristics of "breathable and impermeable". It is used to make tea, "it can bring out the true color, fragrance and taste of tea."

The pear-shaped pot, one of the classic purple-shaded pots, is named after its shape resembling a pear. It began in the Yuan Dynasty and became popular in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

The pear-style pot is simple and elegant, which has been loved by pot friends since ancient times and has been passed down to this day.

In the southern part of China, there is a pot in one hand, so there is a saying that " there is no pear in the hand, and it is hard to tell."

Among the pear-style pots, the small cinnabar and purple clay pots are especially expensive.

Zhuni is delicate and ruddy, with a delicate and noble feeling. In addition, the vermilion clay has a deep red color, which symbolizes auspiciousness , so it is loved by pot friends.

The selection criteria of "small pots will gather fragrance" and "appropriate small but not large" have also made Zhuni small pots popular in China for hundreds of years.

During the heyday of Kangxi and Qianlong, Qianlong loved tea pots. He was very particular about tea and tea utensils. In the "Qianlong Xingle Tu", there was a small purple clay and vermilion clay pot on the tea cabinet, which should be Qianlong's imperial teapot.

The small purple clay cinnabar pot was very popular in the Qing Dynasty, and "the famous pot with the famous name" became a common practice.

The small Zhuni pot made by famous masters is a must-have for dignitaries, literati and doctors, and is a "luxury" that highlights its social status and elegant taste.

*"Qianlong Xingle"

Speaking of the famous pot makers in the Qing Dynasty, the most widely spread "one nameless, two pavilions, three mengchens, and four yigong".

"Anonymous" refers to the precious Zhuni pots, while Siting, Mengchen, and Yigong refer to the three famous Zhuni pots in the Qing Dynasty-Lu Siting, Hui Mengchen, and Hui Yigong, respectively.

"Yigong", "Siting" and "Mengchen" are often mentioned side by side by the world. They are not only the names of people with a surname, but also the names of the pots. They are all classic pot styles and become synonymous with the later generations of Zhuni pots.

Today, what I recommend to you is to reproduce the three classics of the three masters of the Qing Dynasty-the three great pear-skin vermilion small pots "Mengchen pot, Siting pot, and Yigong pot".

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This teapot is more expensive than gold and has been popular in China for hundreds of years. Now it is reappearing in the world.

These 3 small pieces of vermillion clay pots are made of finely selected clay materials and are kneaded from the old materials of collection-grade vermilion clay . The pear skin vermilion clay of the pot body has a strong graininess and good air permeability.

The coarse-grained vermilion mud not only makes the pots and small pots durable and easy to grow, but the patina is as warm and moist as jade.

The clay is selected from the 5-year-old collection-grade pear skin vermilion clay, which is provided by the Yixing Taogongsu Wucaifang Zisha Research Institute, known as the "king of vermilion clay". The mud was hoarded in the early years. It is scarce in the market and has long been priceless.

The biggest advantage of the pear skin vermilion mud is "very easy to raise", and it will change significantly after one month of use. Because the mud is good, the average tea friend can become a master of raising pots.

This time, the three small Zhuni pots were supervised by Diao Yi , a national arts and crafts artist.

Diao Yi studied under the national senior arts and crafts artist "Yuan Guoqiang" and has a deep understanding of purple sand craftsmanship. He has a deep research on traditional old pot shapes. His works have won many awards and are loved by collectors at home and abroad.

Nowadays, the market price of works produced by Diao Yi is basically starting from 1,000 yuan. This time , he will check the whole process of the three pear-skin vermilion clay pots, and use the old materials of the collection-grade vermilion clay of the "king of vermilion clay".

Now it only costs less than half of the price, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, friends who love tea must not miss it.

Meng Chen is actually a person's name, his full name is Hui Mengchen, a famous pot maker from the Ming Dynasty Tianqi years to the Qing Dynasty Kangxi period.

The famous historian Lian Heng once summed up in "Ming Tan" that "tea must be easy to use, the pot must be Mengchen, and the cup must be rumored. The three are the essentials for tasting tea, but this is not enough to be proud and not enough to treat customers. " "The pot must be Mengchen" illustrates the inexorable status of the Mengchen pot in the purple sand.

Hui Mengchen is world-famous for making small red clay pots, which can be regarded as a mythical existence of red clay pots Its influence is so great that it is said that even Queen Anne of Europe requested that the tea set be customized in the shape of Hui Mengchen's pear-shaped pot.

According to the "Yangxian Teapot Series", Hui Mengchen was good at copying antique wares, and his calligraphy was also skillful, and his works were both simple and simple.

Together with Yushu Simmering, Ruoshen Cup and Chaoshan Stove, the Mengchen Pot is known as the "Four Treasures of Gongfu Tea", especially with the Mengchen Pot as the core of the Four Treasures and the main vessel for making Gongfu Tea. It is not only a tea set, but also works of art and collectibles.

The mouth of this Mengchen pot is straight and strong, the body is shiny and shiny, the tire is thin and light, the lines are round and smooth, and it has a typical thick and simple atmosphere.

Lu Siting, a famous pot maker in the early Qing Dynasty , has become synonymous with Yixing Zhuni small pots by the name of later potters because of his reputation and influence, and has become the name of special topographic system.

The pear-shaped pot made by Lu Siting is full of personality and elegant in shape, just like a girl who is slender and dignified, handsome and elegant.

Used for making tea, it can gather the fragrance of tea, has strong practicability , and is loved by a wide range of tea people. Therefore, it has created the eulogy of "there is no pear in the hand, and it is difficult to tell the tea ". Lu Siting has also become the endorsement of the tall pear-shaped pot.

The Suting Kettle has full bulging lines, and the flow and handle are delicate and beautiful, just like a beautiful jade hand. The lid is fully inserted into the mouth of the kettle, the bead button, and the small circle foot. The overall proportion is coordinated, and the lines are soft and elegant.

Note: The spherical pot button is exquisite and compact, and the high virtual lid is tangent to the pot mouth, making it a whole body.

Round and exquisite, just like a crisp pear. The body of the pot is narrow and narrow, and the waist suddenly becomes clear, and then the bottom is quickly gathered, which has the benefit of gathering the fragrance of tea. When making tea, pick up the lid of the pot and smell the tea.

The whole work is like a young girl standing by the stream, with her arms around her waist, her jade hands lightly raised, picking branches and pear blossoms, and the beauty is so refreshing.

Hui Yigong, a famous Zisha artist in the Qing Dynasty. Gong Hui Yi was born in the reign of Emperor Yong and Qian in the Qing Dynasty. He made both large and small pots and made small pots. He is famous for his craftsmanship and can be compared with Hui Mengchen. He is also called "Second Hui" by the world.

The Yigong pot has a kind of wind and freedom, a kind of elegance and refinement, a kind of quiet and aloof charm. Hui Mengchen's works are famous for their simplicity and ingenuity. In comparison, Hui Yigong is more skillful but lacks simplicity.

The body of the Yigong pot is round and jade-run, with a short and straight mouth standing upright, and the water is smooth and cut. The design of the pot knob is comfortable, and the overall curve changes naturally and neatly.

Although the purple clay pot is good, because of its strong air permeability and easy to smell, there is a saying that "one pot serves one tea".

Therefore, we also provide a cost-effective "Pear Skin Vermilion Clay Set" , so that tea lovers can buy three replicas of masterpieces from the Qing Dynasty at a higher cost. Whether it is for personal use or as a gift, it is very suitable.

The so-called pear skin vermilion mud is a traditional sand adjustment technique that mixes the same mineral but larger particles into the vermilion mud to make it look like the skin of a fruit pear.

As early as the Ming Dynasty’s famous Zisha classic "Yangxian Minghu Series", there is a record : "Sky green mud, out of Lishu, Tao Zhi darkened liver color, and with pear skin mud, Tao appeared frozen pear color."

Compared with ordinary Zhuni teapots, the pear skin Zhuni tea contains sand, has good air permeability and good heat preservation, which is more conducive to making tea. Whether it is Pu'er tea or oolong tea and other high-flavor teas, it is easy to do and can fully display the tea. Nature.

Although the pear skin vermilion mud is good, it is not easy to obtain. Huanglongshan purple sand ore has been banned for many years. The quality of the purple sand mud on the market is uneven, and it is difficult for non-experts to distinguish it.

This time, through the relationship of the teacher , the five-year-old rot pear-skin vermilion clay from Taogongsu Wucaifang Zisha Research Institute, a well-known clay professional household in Yixing , was selected for this three-piece pot with pear skin and vermilion clay.

Taogongsu Wucaifang Zisha Research Institute has been engaged in the refining of Zisha mud for more than 30 years, and stored a large amount of early high-quality Zisha ore in the early years.

Famous Zhuni class, such as zhaozhuang Zhuni, Zhuni small coal mines, gold zhaozhuang Zhuni, Dahongpao pug total of as much as several thousand tons, is rare Yixing purple clay material large, the industry is Known as "The King of Zhuni"

Anyone who knows purple sand knows that the longer the mud is aging, the better the plasticity of the mud, and it is relatively easier to soak it, showing a warm and moisturizing effect.

Keeping pots is a compulsory course for tea people, and a tea pot with a warm and moistened pulp is the treasure of tea people.

The key to raising a pot is the mud. The pear skin vermilion mud has a strong granular feel and good air permeability. The biggest feature is "very easy to raise", and it will change significantly after one month of basic use.

Changes after a month of raising pots

When making tea, take out the cute and lovely small pot of vermilion clay, pour the tea on the pot, and the surface of the pot will immediately be red and ripe like a maroon. At this time, the "Zhu Clay Pot" looked like a drunk girl.

"Small pots are fragrant and easy to gather, but big pots will not taste good" The exquisite and small Zhuni sketch pot is really a good product for making tea.

These three vermilion scribble pots are made of exquisite clay materials, made of coarse sand, with strong graininess but no vulgarity. It is made of coarse-grained cinnabar mud, which not only makes the pots and small pots durable and easy to grow, but also the patina is warm and moist as jade.

With age and maintenance, the value of a good purple clay teapot is far from what it was when it was first started. Or you can find the next home to change hands, or you have a good heart and it is difficult to give up.

After all, everyone has their own tea-eating complex and good taste, which is difficult to be honest with outsiders. With a pot in your hand, you can enjoy the fun, drink and forget your worries, life is the most comfortable time.

The Songfeng bamboo stove, lift the pot and call to each other. As long as you have this good pot, you are happy everywhere.



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AboutMicro News: This teapot is more expensive than gold and has been popular in China for hundreds of years. Now it is reappearing in the world.
This teapot is more expensive than gold and has been popular in China for hundreds of years. Now it is reappearing in the world.
This teapot is more expensive than gold and has been popular in China for hundreds of years. Now it is reappearing in the world.
AboutMicro News
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