--> After drinking 181 cups in 51 days, I finally found the best coffee 8 fast-moving coffee Hengping 丨 Huangjia Lab | AboutMicro News
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After drinking 181 cups in 51 days, I finally found the best coffee 8 fast-moving coffee Hengping 丨 Huangjia Lab

After drinking 181 cups in 51 days, I finally found the best coffee 8 fast-moving coffee Hengping 丨 Huangjia Lab

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I don't know if you have ever heard such a voice. Starbucks coffee is "pot water", and even commercial coffee is the essence of pot water. Is this sound really correct? What is the quality of the coffee that has been bought for dozens of dollars? Which of them have good flavors, and which ones are the so-called "pot water" flavors?

The Huangjia evaluation selected Starbucks, Luckin, Costa, KFC Kcoffee, McDonald's McCafe and convenience store Yu Sanjia, Family Mart, Lawson and 711, a total of 8 brands of latte and American. After visiting stores, researching materials, testing ingredients, blind flavor evaluation, etc., I believe that you can objectively restore the quality and taste of these chain coffees. Whether you buy these coffees often or occasionally or even never, this review will definitely It's helpful to you.

Commercial & Boutique

In the "Coffee World Map" known as the coffee bible, it is described as follows: Commercial coffee refers to commodities that are only called "coffee", not based on quality. The lines are full of contempt for commercial coffee.

But it is a pity that all we can buy in chain coffee shops on the street are mostly commercial coffee. In contrast, specialty coffee, which is literally translated as "special coffee", starts from the planting of coffee trees and ends with the brewing method represented by hand brewing. There is a lot of knowledge in it. If you are interested, you can enjoy the Shanghai style. You can find them in the alleys or in the alleys with a strong cultural atmosphere. You can also buy high-quality beans and make them at home. However, compared with the commercial fast-selling coffee that you can buy on the roadside, the high-quality products also represent the minority. It is difficult to meet the needs of most people for quick caffeine supplementation in terms of convenience.

Therefore, our protagonist today is commercial fast-moving coffee with more sales and a wider audience.

Which one is the best?

We put the blind taste evaluation at the forefront, after all, it is the point that everyone cares most about whether it tastes good or not. In order to objectively define a good cup of coffee, we found the cupping method developed by the American Specialty Coffee Association SCAA, and made a simplified version based on it. I invited more than a dozen friends and colleagues around me to participate in this blind review. Some of them often drink coffee, and some occasionally come for a cup to refresh themselves. I believe it can restore the taste of the public to a certain extent.

Before the evaluation, Huangjia Evaluation made code names for the 8 brands. Participants were required to use the "sipping method" to taste 8 brands, a total of 16 types of coffee, according to the "Measures for the Evaluation of Coffee Flavor and Sensory Evaluation of Huangjia Evaluation". Rinse your mouth with water.

According to feedback, in the American style, Costa tops the group with three first and two second results, but the preference ranks the last with 2.2 points.

The best performer was Luckin, with a low acidity, low bitterness, and good mellowness, which scored 3.4 points.

The family with the same low acidity and low bitterness and the well-balanced 711 both scored 2.9 points and ranked second.

Looking at the latte side, Starbucks got the highest score of 5.5 with low acidity, low bitterness and high sweetness. It seems that Starbucks has something to do with popular tastes.

For the whole family, Ruixing scored 5.3 and 5.2 points respectively with a higher mellow, and performed equally well.

Of course, Costa is the strongest player, perhaps because it works well with milk, with a score of 4.6, which ranks in the middle.

And Rosen replaced Costa as the last place because of bitterness and lack of sweetness.

Among them, Kcoffe is worth mentioning. It is generally reported that it is very light, and it is like boiled water compared to costa 8. The sourness, bitterness, and mellowness all bottomed out. Although the average score is low, some people like this light taste.

Barley coffee is milky and has a nutty aroma.

In terms of overall preference, American coffee has an average score of 2.68 points and Latte has an average score of 4.48 points.

In addition to the public review, we also invited Guo Yuanqing, the director of China Resources Pacific Coffee North District, to blindly review 16 coffees from these 8 brands.

And the comprehensive blind review results and expert comments, among which is worthy of praise is Family Peking Coffee, which is of good quality and flavor, and the price is relatively affordable.

Luckin's American style and latte's blind reviews are very good, leading Starbucks in terms of mellowness, so many people think it is not unreasonable for Luckin to be stronger.

And Starbucks' latte blind review is No. 1, which proves its influence on the market for so many years.

Who has the best materials

The most important thing is of course the coffee beans. There are only two types of coffee beans that we can come into contact with, Arabica and Robusta.

Let’s talk about Robusta beans first, they have a higher caffeine content, a strong flavor and a wood-like burnt rubber texture.

Arabica beans have more fat and sucrose than Robusta.

They will decompose into thousands of volatile flavor substances during the roasting process, which affect the aroma, flavor, acidity and mellowness of coffee. Therefore, it is generally believed that the taste and texture of Arabica beans will be better. Robusta beans are mostly used to make instant coffee because of lower planting costs, and they are more popular in Vietnamese coffee.

Among the eight brands we selected, only costa mixed one-seventh of Robusta beans. The others are all Arabica.

Therefore, the current marketing methods of manufacturers have been upgraded to compete for origin and blending. For details, please refer to the following table . If you want to learn more, you can study the "Coffee World Map" and the famous coffee flavor wheel.

Coffee beans from different origins will also have different flavors, and a good blend can indeed complement each other. However, is it unfair to rely solely on the point-to-cloud evaluation promoted by the manufacturer? Therefore, Huangjia Evaluation decided to go to the offline store for on-site inspection, and successfully obtained the same type of beans from 6 of the 8 brands.

However, there is a certain discrepancy between the quality of these coffee beans and the actual store, so they are for reference only.

Among the six coffee beans, it can be clearly seen from the color that the coffee beans of Rosen, K Coffee and Starbucks are dark black, and the surface is glowing with the oily light that appears after deep roasting to the "second burst", and there is a smell of smoke. The smoky taste is mixed with the aroma of coffee beans, which echoes their performance in the blind taste assessment.

The appearance of Starbucks is more full and regular, while KFC has a higher proportion of defective beans.

The slightly less roasted one is the M10 blended coffee beans of Barley Coffee.

The lightest color is Costa's medium roast. The Arabica beans are mixed with Robusta beans in a ratio of 6 to 1. The coffee has a very strong aroma.

The second is the medium-deep roasted Family Peker coffee beans, with uniform particle size and full appearance. Only in terms of aroma and perception, Family Peker Coffee will have a more sense of quality.

In fact, in addition to the production area, processing method, and baking, there is a more important factor that is baking time. A practitioner who once worked at Starbucks said that even for Starbucks, which has its own industrial chain, it takes at least one to two months for coffee beans to reach the store from roasting production. During this period, volatile flavor substances will definitely exert its volatility.

How to solve this problem? Dark roasting may be the solution given by Starbucks. Simply put, after dark roasting, the acidity and flavor of the coffee beans will be further reduced, leaving behind the bitterness and caramel flavor that is not easy to lose. This is the main reason why commercial coffee is called "pot water" by some people.

Although some coffee brands will claim that they use freshly roasted coffee beans, the specific roasting date has not been transparent, and you may not usually pay attention to this.

Based on this, it can be said that none of these brands of coffee beans are particularly good, even if their production areas and ratios are good enough. Therefore, in this session, it is difficult for us to clearly tell everyone whose coffee beans are better.

However, there is milk. As we all know, a serving of espresso and milk becomes a latte. Therefore, the influence of milk on latte even exceeds that of coffee beans.

After visiting stores and online surveys, we have obtained incomplete statistics. In terms of milk brands, there will be slight differences in different regions, but fresh milk or room temperature milk is used. The same brand is a unified standard. Except before 2018, Starbucks Shanghai uses Weigang fresh milk, while in Beijing it uses Faxi normal temperature milk. After Starbucks China merged with Starbucks Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai in 2018, it was replaced with Weigang pure milk.

For milk, Yusanjia and Mai Coffee, which use fresh milk, are worthy of recognition. Although there is no direct evidence that a latte made from pure milk at room temperature does not taste as good as fresh milk in refrigeration, fresh milk, which is more expensive to purchase and store, will be better in our hearts.

Which cup of coffee is the most refreshing?

If you buy coffee for the purpose of being "energetic", then the caffeine content directly affects the refreshing effect of coffee as a functional drink. With reference to the national standard (GB/T 30767-2014 "Coffee Beverages"), the minimum level of caffeine content in coffee beverages and espresso beverages is 200mg/kg to ensure that (espresso) coffee beverages do contain "coffee". In this section, we sent all the lattes in the selection to a testing organization with CMA certification for testing.

The results show that the costa containing Robusta beans is a great success, with a content of 779 mg per kilogram more than double that of barley coffee, and the rest of the brands are among the same. The European Union Food Safety Agency recommends that healthy adults consume no more than 210 to 400 mg of caffeine per day (equivalent to 3 to 4 cups of 250ml of coffee). A large cup of costa is enough to reach this limit.

In addition, coffee beans will produce suspected carcinogens-acrylamide during the roasting process. Although the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization IARC conducted a comprehensive analysis of existing research, it concluded that there is not enough evidence to show that drinking coffee will increase the risk of human cancer.

But out of a rigorous attitude, we still require the laboratory to test 8 American coffees. However, you should not drink them too hot.

Comprehensive recommendation

In view of the fact that the product of Hengping is coffee, everyone's preferences and needs are different, we will not recommend it. According to the results of the previous three links, you can choose coffee according to your own situation. I hope this review can bring you some suggestions for reference.

If you want to refresh yourself, in addition to costa with the highest caffeine content, we also recommend all convenience stores or coffee shops close to you. After all, the most important thing is that you can easily buy them.

to sum up

Finally, there is one more question that needs to be answered. What kind of coffee is good coffee? Is commercial coffee represented by Starbucks really so unpleasant as "pot water"? Do they really have no "soul"? In the mouths of coffee fundamentalists, it seems that the more original coffee, the more tasteful it is. Is it that only by purchasing a coffee machine at a high price, selecting a small selection of freshly roasted beans from a certain origin, and mastering the brewing skills skillfully, can you be regarded as knowing coffee? In other words, you have to find a small shop with Western characters on the roadside and beautifully decorated and artistic, order a cup of hand-made items, observe the barista's techniques, and listen to the manager telling you about coffee beans. Is the coffee in your mouth considered delicious?

But maybe, happy buying and happy drinking are good coffee. Although this sentence directly ignores all the definitions of high-quality coffee after the third wave of coffee, starting from the simplest emotions, this may be the best answer. In the domestic context, coffee is obviously given too much, which does not belong to its attributes. Everyone has different goals for consuming coffee. But as an ordinary consumer, we can boldly abandon those so-called doorways and knowledge, and buy coffee drinks according to our real needs. If you want to take a photo and record your life before drinking, take it! If you can't stand the bitter taste, add sugar, then add it! As long as you can enjoy the moment of drinking coffee, there is no doubt that it is a good cup of coffee.

This is not to deny the love of coffee and the pursuit of specialty coffee culture. It is understandable to have your own hobbies and spend time and energy to pursue yourself. But if someone laughs at you when you order a latte and add sugar, don’t care, maybe he knows some coffee better than you, but what he doesn’t understand is: price and quality may be high or low, but taste can be. There is no distinction between high and low.

Food has no positioning, but the taste is precious

Use a hard-core attitude to make material evaluations. This is the Huangjia evaluation. Here is a group of focused, interesting and serious friends waiting for you. If you think the content is good, you can click "Follow". Thank you for your recognition

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AboutMicro News: After drinking 181 cups in 51 days, I finally found the best coffee 8 fast-moving coffee Hengping 丨 Huangjia Lab
After drinking 181 cups in 51 days, I finally found the best coffee 8 fast-moving coffee Hengping 丨 Huangjia Lab
After drinking 181 cups in 51 days, I finally found the best coffee 8 fast-moving coffee Hengping 丨 Huangjia Lab
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